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You can point out 1,000 alleged discrepancies/errors in mounting the KJV against all other versions, but what will this accomplish if it will not bring the affections of a believer closer to Christ, and plant a deeper hatred for and more graceful abstainment from sin. It's all but chaff if these things are not engendered. The intransigent Bible version wars we see in here are usually nothing more than clever diversions from the real topic at hand: conformity to Christ.

If, by reading the NIV, one is able to be nurtured by the Spirit of God and brought to a sweetness in Christ that has not been effectuated by one's reading of the KJV, it is the epitome of foolishness in my opinion to launch a smear campaign against the former version, for clearly, God has accepted it and uses it to his purpose and glory.

We must come to a place where our acceptance of a thing we do not understand or even approve of bows in submission to the sovereignity and wisdom of God, if the stamp of God is shown to be upon it in any measure. There is some Christian music I do not care for, but I bow in submission to the fact that God can and does use it to His glory. It doesn't mean that I must accept it as a form of nurturing into my own life, but I refuse to write articles against it and label such as 'heresy', when it has been proven to be used by God to bring others to Christ and engender holiness to some degree in their lives.

It is when we come to this place of submission; where we can lay our own spiritual biases down, and readily admit: "O God, Thou alone knowest" when we at last find peace and can really grow in grace. A thread like this really has no profit in terms of helping a believer grow in grace; it will actually cause the opposite effect. Believers should be led by the Holy Spirit to a version suitable to their place in life. For some it may be the NLT or the NKJV or even the Message and Living Bible. God is able to bring fruit from them; and usually in greater abundance than the KJV, if only because of the immediate illumination of a scripture's gist in a straight-forward, colloquial lucidity.

Paul Frederick West

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 Re: 2 Samuel 21:19

Well said brother Paul.

Just a little comment to Julius and I will get off.
In 1 chr the name Lahmi does not refer to the giant but to Elhanan. it is a shorter version of Bethlehemite. refering to his place of birth which is Bethlehem. Just as the name Jair is a shorter version of Jaareoregim.
This verse is slightly mistranslated.

In the hebrew sentence structure is different and sometime the verb comes first.
so 1 Chr would read like this: And slew Elhanan the son of Jair Lahmi the brother of Goliath the Gittite. If you would to put a comma in this sentence, it should be placed like this: And slew Elhanan the son of Jair Lahmi, the brother of Goliath the Gittite.
NOT like this: And slew Elhanan the son of Jair, Lahmi the brother of Goliath the Gittite.

Hope this helps.


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Sooo, is it alright to read my NIV????

 2011/7/18 13:02

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That was an interesting post Matt. First time I've seen someone speak out from the context of being a former KJVO advocate. Thanks again for posting it.

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