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 Ageing Church of England 'will be dead in 20 years'

The average age of its members is now 61 and by 2020 a “crisis” of “natural wastage” will lead to their numbers falling “through the floor”, the Church’s national assembly was told.

The Church was compared to a company “impeccably” managing itself into failure, during exchanges at the General Synod in York.
The warnings follow an internal report calling for an urgent national recruitment drive to attract more members.

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 Re: Ageing Church of England 'will be dead in 20 years'

Here is one explanation from the comment section, he is not right but at least he tried!!

geoffreysmith1 wrote Today 01:12 PM
The Church of England is slowly declining away into oblivion for the same reason that the Arians, Donatists, Pelagians, etc, faded into obscurity. They are completely separated from the Bishop of Rome, the fount of Christian unity. "Where Peter is, there is the Church".

The Anglican sect is not, and never has been, an integral part of the Church established by Christ, and for that reason it is doomed to go the way of all pretentious imitations.

This only represents one of many opinions on the matter!

God bless,


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