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 fruit of the spirit

pls i need more insight and teaching on the fruit of the spirit,HolySpirit led fellow should help

Precious David

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 Re: fruit of the spirit

hi,first you must know that it is the fruit of the Spirit you want which is very different than the fruit that you should demonstrate.havin the Holy Spirit inside of you is having the real prescense of God inside and God is Love. the fruit of the spirit is love and all the others,like joy peace meekness etc.stems from this love. ergo it gives me great joy to know that God loves me personnally, i have faithfullness because i am not in control but a God who loves me is in control of my life and this gives me peace etc.the fruit that demonstrates is made up of my family, my ministry, the results of my labors.the important thing however is not that you know me but Jesus who died for us both so we can enjoy this wonderful life which stems from our relationship with Him.jimp

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