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This was shared with me and I just thought it was so beautiful and encouraging.

God bless


What made Jesus “rise up from supper, lay aside His garments, take a towel, gird himself” and serve everybody around Him in their need, when He Himself felt so miserable, that He needed angels to strengthen Him because of what lay ahead?

“Jesus, knowing that the Father had given all things into His hands, and that He had come forth from the God, and was going back to God…..rose up from supper….” (John 13,3+4)

He knew the eternal Purpose/Plan/Heart of God, not just the thing He could see with His eyes right in front of Him, and it carried Him through everything. He knew that “God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, who are called according to His purposes: Whom He foreknew…” Foreknowing isn’t that we, His lambs, are mere choice-less wind-up toys - NO. We are created in His Image and that would insult Father deeply to imply such. Even a third of the Angels had a choice to Fall or Life. It's His Way, and has nothing to do with works, but rather LOVE. Nor is foreknowing just having information about something or someone in advance. (It’s more like…”and he knew his wife”) It was the Father deciding before anything was created, that He would make Himself one with us! His choice, His plan, His desire. And in that context Genesis 1 is not the beginning of the story, it’s only an “afterthought”, like God saying: “I choose to be one with them, but they need to be like Me, so I need to have a platform, an arena to make this all happen…let’s create the world and universe for THAT purpose alone: a tool to bring about what I really want…to be one with people through My Son Jesus (see John 17…that WAS what Jesus prayed, because He was faithfully asking for exactly the Father’s heart, at the end of His earthly life. He never lived without that focus, that broad heavenly view of things.)

How incredible to think that when the Father asks us to walk just one extra mile, He’s asking us far far less than what He has done: He has walked many millions and more extra miles to have us, to conform us to Him, to reshape, to recreate us. He made the whole world just for that purpose. Wow! He gave His Son to take away our guilt and provide His very Life. EVERYTHING truly is meant for our good, to bring about the Father’s wish…so that we may be ONE. So that we may be just like Him!!We have NO other promises, but the promise to have Him live inside of us, to be conformed to Him through the work of His Spirit IS ENOUGH!

Not knowing that the Father loves us before anything ever existed, thinking that maybe all these things we experience are accidents and not really in His command or heart or thought…all the maybe’s and doubts as to His sovereignty and love and care in planning out every single detail of our life…makes it impossible to function the way He wants us to. But knowing ALL that, makes serving those around us with joy possible and desirable.

What a solid Rock we have in His love and Purpose for us!!

For I am FULLY persuaded…that NOTHING will ever separate us from His love in Christ Jesus our Lord!

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