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 Revelation of the Cross and Resurrection...WOW

I have been blessed recently by doing a bible study through Luke. As I got to the end of the chapter we covered the Cross & The Resurrection.

I grew up hearing the Easter story on a regular basis. So when I became a Christian, I sort of was "immune" to the power of the Resurrection.

I have thought and wondered for many years why I was not able to stay on fire for the Lord, I would go through periods of ups and downs. Then it hit me!

For the first time in a very long time, after reading through the details of the Resurrection I realised why my focus has often drifted away. It was because I never spent enough time pondering the real and incredible meaning of the Resurrection.

It was like I read it for the first time ever. Along with my Matthew eyes were like WOW!

Henry speaks of how it is vital to reflect daily on the Resurrection. I am convinced that this is the reason we as Christians fail to be effective in the world.

It was like a light bulb going on!

We recently listened to the sermon 10 Shekels and a shirt,
and to be honest it didn't affect me like many others have been affected. I wondered why until my eyes were opened to the power of Resurrection. It made sense to me that any other bits of teaching, no matter how powerful can never be the complete real deal until you come to understanding the power of the cross & The Resurrection and what really happened that day.

I really believe now that unless we ponder and ponder and ponder until we really, really "get" the power of the Resurrection we just cannot be effective Christian witnesses.

Everything comes back to this! I realised that in my evangelism I have been so busy debating useless issues. This is the good news, the Resurrection of Christ. It is news we need to spread.

I feel now, like I was want to jump up and down telling people..."don't you realise that Jesus actually, really, really came back from the dead. God accepted His sacrifice, for your sins, my sins - every single person's sins, past, present and future. That God's wrath was completely poured out upon Jesus on that cross. That at the moment when Jesus died the an earthquake occurred the curtain in the temple was ripped. The entire world and history changed that day!

I understood the signifance of that curtain ripping, opening up the holy of holies, so that everyone was now able to approach the throne of Christ - only through Jesus.

Then on the 3rd day, an angel snet from Heaven, moved back the stone and Jesus literally rose back from the dead. At that moment another earthquake occured, changing the world completely. Jesus was alive! Jesus is alive! By trusting and believing in what Jesus did for us, understanding the severity of it and what He had to go through for us, then understanding that His sacrifice for you and I was acceptable to God, we through Christ have conquered death and attain eternal life!

This is incredible!!! This is what I need to reflect on everyday. This is what my life needs to be based on , what my every breath is for, to share this with others...this is the good news. The only good news.

I am so thankful, and so incredibly humbled to understand just a little of the Resurrection. I still don't think I have the full revelation. I think it will take a lifetime and then rest of my life with the risen Christ to fully "get this". But if a little bit of understanding is all I get then I am satisfied! Praise Jesus for His sacrifice for us and Praise God for His acceptance and complete forgiveness of my sins, forever.

In Him and through Him only,

Mrs Carter

 2011/7/11 22:14Profile

 Re: Revelation of the Cross and Resurrection...WOW

I have been so busy debating useless issues.

Most of those useless debates is what we know as Church doctrine.

What a wonderful post, I was refreshed just reading it. And thank you Brother for that encouraging word in that we should reflect daily the resurrection. I think you have stumbled on a serious truth that the early Church was contending for so fiercely, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Many seemed to be content at the cross, but the real power of God is in the resurrection because it's here where all that was accomplished on the cross can be issued to all because HE FOREVER LIVETH and maketh intercession.

Behold, I live, behold I live
Behold I live forevermore.

There is wondrous truths to behold.

When you receive more understanding and joy floods your soul, please share.

Praise God for the victory.

 2011/7/11 22:44

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