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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 John Comenius 1650 on Christian Unity

”……….Asked about my theology, I take the Bible and speak with all my soul. I believe everything written in this book. Asked to state my confession of faith. I refer them to the “Apostles Creed”. My model of prayer is the Lord’s Prayer, my rules of living the “Ten Commandments.” But what will the sophisticated people of the world say to that? Perhaps they smile at the childish old man. But I have found Christ and he is everything to me. My whole life has been a pilgrim journey. Nowhere have I found an abiding city. But now my heavenly fatherland, to whose threshold my leader., my light, my savior has lead me, looms up before me. For me the thing necessary is to forget what is behind and to hasten toward the prize of the heavenly call of God. ...If any of you preachers who have no congregations of your own to which to minister, are left, serve Christ wherever you are, in any evangelical church which may desire your services. Only walk in that simplicity in which I had borne and nurtured you. Walk In the straight and middle path, neither flattering one party to the disparagement of the other, nor allowing yourselves to be used as partisans In factional strife among parties. But rather make that your care that love and concord and all common good reign In the church. But Joining a communion In which ye find the truth of the gospel of Christ, pray for Its peace and seek Its upbuildlng In good." It was a hope and prayer that a seed would survive.

John Comenius

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