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 Church of the Nazarene

I have been looking for information on the church of the Nazarene. I have been to one service and that was many years ago. My wife wants to go back to church. She is catholic and I told her I don't want to do any mass. I am not catholic. I have normally gone to pentecostal church but I really don't like the rowdy atmosphere they promote.

My only experience of the Nazarene church is the service wasn't too rowdy and there was no speaking in other tongues. Would this be a true experience of them?

Also, how would you compare them to the average pentecostal church. I understand that are originally from the Wesleyan branch which means more conservative then anything but I don't find their style to be such.

Any comments?


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 Re: Church of the Nazarene

In my experience the Church Of the Nazerene's were founded as holiness churches in the pentecostal stream though not pentecostal. They had alot more fervor and evangelism back in the day.

Many of them are still biblically centered.

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 Re: Church of the Nazarene

I go to a Nazarene church. I don't know if mine is anything like any other Nazarene churches, but from what I've heard, it is.
They are NOT pentecostal AT ALL. My mom said that it is very Methodist-like. It is very organized, no deviation from the schedule. I don't really care for that because I come from a pentecostal background, but it's not always "bad."
They claim to be a holiness church, but you wouldn't always know it. Of course other churches might be different. Most of the churches in my city are pretty lukewarm anyway.
Think Baptist and Methodist for style. Very traditional. Doctrine is arminian and pretty Bible based. However, they tell stories rather than use lots of Scripture and this drives me nuts. It could be good or bad...
In all honest I would rather go somewhere else (this is not JUST because they are Nazarene), but God has not called me or my family to leave that church.

So yeah what you said of a "not rowdy service and no tongues" is pretty true of all of them. I don't think they are against speaking in tongues, but it's not promoted like in pentecostal circles.

Hope that helps some. I also hope that wasn't very negative. It's just that I'm not impressed with what I've seen from Nazarene's, but I love the people in my church (even when they drive me crazy lol). I think I could argue all day with myself about this. lol


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Wife and I went to the Nazarene church Sunday. They actually have 3 services. Traditional, contemporary and then the very laid back. THe very laid back is in a building across the street and they use screens to pump in the sermon. I am told you can come dressed however. PJ's if you want. We went to the traditional service. 15-20 minuts of singing. I noticed a lady singing who's dress was above her knees. I wondered about that. Seemed weird. One thing I noticed off the bat is the singing was very broad. I didn't see the word Jesus at all and there talk of His love but it seemed almost like a Joel Osteen type of singing.

THe pastor is doing a serious called 'I quit'. It is about quitting that which is pushing you down. One example was a kid who was put down his whole life so he turned to eating. He came to a point where he learned to forgive people for what they said and began to diet and exercises. He mentioned God in there as well. THen he said as of 2008 I QUIT!

I noticed the sermon scripture were printed on a card and all from the OT and using the NLT. Yet, I barely heard the word Jesus in there. My wife says this is probably because they come from the Wesleyn tradition where the word God is used more than Jesus. Hmmm, could be true. The service was an hour. They also had cards in the leaflets where you can put down what you are quitting today-come forward and put that card on a pray bench and then pick up a blue wrist band that says 'I QUIT'. Use it as a reminder of what you are quitting.

I told my wife that it seemed more like a self help type of sermon then it did a traditional sermon. I even met a guy who I indirectly work with who goes there. Says he has been going there for 10 years. In the process of our conversations he slipped out a cuss word. Cussing is a pet peeve of mind when it comes to christians, it annoys me silly. Maybe it shouldn't but it does. I let it slide.

I was raised Lutheran but at the age of 20 got born again and went to pentecostal churches after that. I am used to that atmosphere yet I really don't want that atmosphere. I would rather have 15-30 minutes of singing and then a good bible study type of thing. Worship wise I like Nazarenes though the wording in the songs seems too vague.

What is the Arminian thing?

Being that I work every other weekend we plan to go to the Saturday evening service, they have, one week and the Sunday service the next. btw, my wife is catholic and she liked the church. I told her I didn't want to go to any mass because there is nothing in it for me.

The people in this Nazarene church are really friendly and it is very contemporary in stage presence and all. Laid back and that is nice. I just wonder how future presentations will be.


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