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 Re: Godlessness has doomed Britain

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"On the other hand if a christian believes but cannot show evidence then is his faith blind?"

Dear DEADn, yes there is a point at which everything that we believe in must be recieved without more evidence.

Sure evidence exists for all kinds of things. And there is plenty of evidence from many different fields for what we believe in also. But for Christians and Atheists alike, there comes a point where the things we hold on to must be simply taken as a matter of faith. We believe them to be true in our hearts. Evidence, things in history, things others tell us, things we experience can all reinforce what we believe. But after all of that, for the Atheist and the Christian alike, what we hold to must be taken by faith. We believe it in our hearts.

The Athiest has to jump through hoops after hurdels to get past the evidence for Creation and the Creator. He will say we have to do the same for his theories.

At the end of it all, all of us must hold what we believe in our hearts, by Faith.

We believe in Jesus Christ in our hearts. There is plenty of evidence for Him around the World and in History for our minds to study. But we have to believe on Him in our hearts.

Just like everyone else must believe what they believe in their hearts as well.

God bless you,


Christopher Joel Dandrow

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