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I don't see the manifest power of God in anyone's life around me.

As I live my life I am ever conscious of the hand of God. The trouble with trying to explain this is that what I see to be true others may want some sort of hard evidence that defies any sort-of explanation. It becomes impossible to get anywhere.

I will say this though, if I never saw God do a miracle I would know that God is God and the the Bible is His Holy Word. My particular gifting is mechanical reasoning. With this gift I can look at the creation and see a complex machine that staggers the mind and then re-staggers it over and over again. I know, even if I had never heard of God, that this all is not here by accident. It is carefully designed and managed. The body I am using to communicate right now is so utterly complex that it is unfathomable except to God. I can see this. It is clear to me. I am willing to acknowledge this fact.

If I never saw a miracle I would also have to confess that I see the hand of God's providence everywhere in my life. I don't understand everything, but I see God at work. I was not raised in church. My family had a knowledge of God, but many lived like hell itself. This means I have known there was an evil, diabolic influence upon this world also, because I have experienced it. Some may explain it all away, but again, my mind works in such a way that it is impossible to disregard the evidence in clear conscience.

As for God's Word I am staggered by the truth of it and the interconnectedness of it all. I heard a preacher say once that if he did not worship God he would have no better sense than to worship the Bible; it is that wonderful. I agree with him.

As for miracles I have seen them many times. I have seen people with a foot in the grave and one on a banana peeling be healed of a tennis ball sized tumor in the lungs. But they still did not turn to Christ. They had the evidence, they could not refute it. But evidence does not always translate to faith. It is more about the heart of the individual and our willingness to leave off being stubborn, difficult, or cynical and acknowledge obvious things that we take for granted every day. If our body is animating right now we have all the evidence we need that God is alive and well in this universe. He is upholding all things by the Word of His power.

Robert Wurtz II

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exelent post ,can relate to that robert

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