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 Very disturbing

God has put upon my heart the persecuted believers around the world. We pray for these precious saints several nights a week as they carry the cross for Jesus. Many of these saints are being persecuted by Moslem extremist. Go to the web sites of VOM or Open Doors and you can read their stories. In saying this I have to ask some questions. Why all of a sudden are evangelical churches wanting to read the Koran in their services? Why are certain evangelical leaders wanting to go to Islamic conferences to promote understanding of Islam and Christianity? Are they not aware of the dangers of sharia law? Does anyone remember Rifka Barry? She is a young woman who converted to Christ out of an Islamic background and had to go into hiding for her life. I might add in this country. Does any evangical leader think Christ and Allah are one? Hal Lindsey is right when he says that there is no common ground between Christ and Islam. The atonong work of Christ is the only way by which one will be saved. Islam does not believe this and my brothers and sisters are dying for this blessed truth. I woukd like to invite Rick Warren and Robert Schiller to read the stories of the martyred in places ike Pakisistan or Nigeria. There will be found the true nature of Islam. Look at the effects sharia in Saudi Arabia. We as believers must stand on the truth of Christ. Only in him is there salvation. Right now I have far more respect for Jack Van Impie and Hal Lindsey who proclaim that Christ is the only way of salvation than for certain pastors who opt for a Koran reading in their Bible church. But then I guess I am more narrow minded at 60 years. But then did not Jesus speak of a narrow way. I only pray that I am on that narrow path with him.

 2011/7/5 12:25

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 Re: Very disturbing


But then I guess I am more narrow minded at 60 years

For some reason the older one gets the more narrow the way gets. There can be number of reasons. I am inclined to think it is because God is exposing to his people who the wolves are so we can steer clear from their voracious appetites.

I know the Scripture informs us that the days will get worse and worse. It seems to me the greatest disappointments occur when people who call themselves Christians act like they are in cahoots with the enemy of our souls.

Yes, brother I can relate to your disappointment .... I have passed the 60 mark several times! :-)

God bless - be encouraged - not all are aligned with the devil's crowd.

Sandra Miller

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We havee been in ministry to muslims in Turkey for 10 over 10 years. We have done all kind of stuff following various teachings trying to win the souls, but none of men made idea works there, only Jesus and His Spirit, and people who do knot have it no matter what they say they are won't have any eternal fruit. Submission to our Lord Jesus is a key for that area becaus edarkness is very mush aware about your spiritual position, and it will hid you if you are not in Christ trying to do His work. Plus real seekers of God there are seeing problems with islam, they won't believe you if you come to them wit this message they will follow only Shepherds voice. The rest are deceived people who really have little interest in God only in self and religious pride. Do't worry brother, let that be, keep going the narrow way, it is the most important, we cannot stop deception we can only prepare as the Bride and save some of the chosen ones who the Lord will send our way. I am only 32 but I am also on narrow way, I have even less people near me my age.

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 Re: Ginny and Istina

My friends amen and amen. God still has a remnant. I do believe that God wants to redeem the moslems and is doing it through the proclamation of the gospel as Paul articulated it in 1 Cor.15. The gospel centers on the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We do the Moslem (or anyone else) a diservice to their souls if we compromise that message such as diluting with Islam. Then it is no gospel. Also the gospel message to moslems is being confirmed by signs and wonders to autheticate the message of salvation. I have yet to hear of the Islamic message bringing healing to someone. Again how can the evangelical church turn away from the glorious gospel???? One can only wonder.

 2011/7/5 17:07

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 Re: Very disturbing

Isaac - Ishmael
Israel - Esau
Spirit - flesh
Life - death
Light - darkness
Truth - lie
Faith - unbelief

No compromise, no peace, no fellowship, no mixture



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