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 New York Approves 'Gay Marriage'

New York will become the sixth state to approve same-sex marriage (the District of Columbia also allows gay marriage). Because of the state's large population, the number of Americans living in states that allow gay marriage will more than double. With New York, 35 million Americans will live in states with gay marriage, one in nine Americans.

The New York Senate approved a new same-sex marriage bill tonight by a vote of 33 to 29. Even though nearly all Republicans voted against the bill, the Republican-controlled Senate passed the bill because of four Republicans who voted with the Democrats. Only two Republican Senators openly backed the bill until just before the vote when Sen. Stephen Saland (Rep.) said he would give the bill the 32nd vote needed for passage. Only one Democrat, Sen. Ruben Diaz, voted against the measure. Only two Republican Senators openly backed the bill prior to the vote. ...

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 Re: New York Approves 'Gay Marriage'

This is disgusting.

It is amazing that the same people demanding special "rights" for homosexuals are the same people that mock and ridicule Christianity. It is ironic that most of the politicians who thrust this upon the public are the same people who declare that any expression of faith (Christianity in particular) should be removed from the public. It was done by men who would push abortion and worship of the environment over the love of God. They truly prefer creation over the Creator.

This was done by politicians...and not by the people. Remember: "Homosexual marriage" has NEVER passed when placed at a vote of the people. Even after 40 years of constant public activism, homosexual activists are aware that the public doesn't support their causes. So, they fund and support specific politicians who will carry out their dirty work for them behind closed doors.

So much for "democracy" and the will of the people!


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New York can approve of it all it wants. On the day of judgement it wont matter which state or country approved of it. God does not.


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God is still on the throne!


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