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Three-quarters of the respondents (75 percent) favored allowing women to serve as pastors. Yet these same respondents believe that men should be the religious leaders in the marriage and family (79 percent)

It is possible for a woman to be in a leadership position and still be totally submitted to her husband and not usurp authority.

I know a woman, who waited 8 years for her husband's Okay to go into ministry, which did a lot of breaking in her. And now she travels to other countries teaching women, and she has many women she keeps in contact with from all over the place. She is one of the most submissive surrendered women I know. I praise God for her.


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The Holy Ghost is the one who is suppose to be ruling over men and women who are to be possessed of God and making Christ known to all mankind.

The Pastor is not suppose to be Lording over God’s heritage anyway but is to be an example unto them. Women who are filled with God should not be a man’s problem what so ever. If a woman is abiding in the Word and filled with the Holy Ghost and is gifted by God to do what a man who has not surrendered to God can’t do then the man needs to just shut up because God is going to use those who surrender and obey Him with all their heart.

Ignorant men and women may try to keep women who are filled with God quiet but God never will. Someone would say to me brother you mean you believe that women should usurp authority over men and I will answer no I don’t but I believe God can use her if she is surrendered to Him and I don’t believe it is a sin if a man is blessed by a woman’s ministry. Any man who thinks just because he is a man that he can’t be blessed by a woman’s ministry has a real pride problem and will be limited in his walk with God. A woman anointed by God is just as important as a man and even more so if the man is not anointed.

Blessings to all!

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I am blessed to be in a church where our pastor is a man's man, and the men are active and involved and are leaders. It's quite interesting because it's been said over and over again by new families in our church that the husbands seem to connect faster than the wives.

This is a rare and unique thing these days as the church has been radically feminized and the backbone ripped out of the men.

Not so in our church. Praise God!

The men in our church lead in such a gentle and spiritual way that the women really have no desire to lead.


 2011/6/26 6:18

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Krispy, that is so praise worthy in this day and age. You are truly blessed. In this atmosphere all including the women will rise wonderfully to their priesthood. The saints ministering their gifts is what we all desire. God knows what He is doing. We must always believe this and trust in His design and order. JiG, I have listened to Elisabeth Elliot in the past and I look forward to meeting Corrie in heaven, but I can't wait to meet Betsie!

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