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 Change is...

Change is, but change is what?

Change is always coming but not always desirable,

always heading our way but not always heading in the right direction.

Philosophers want to change your mind,

Politicians want to change your allegiance,

Corporations want to change your wallet,

Anarchists want to change your civility,

and the Devil doesn’t care how you change,

so long as you’re making a change for the worse.

Change is attractive as a slogan but empty as a promise,

foolish as a mantra, if change for the sake of change is all you want.

Satan changed angels into demons,

Adam and Eve into sinners,

the Garden Paradise into a world of thorns.

Greed changes money into a master.

Lust changes people into things.

Drugs change the desperate into crooks,

the misguided into thugs,

the homeless into the hopeless,

the stressed, the worn, the weary,

the forgotten, the abandoned,

the self-destructive, into slaves.

The world is full of change.

Change is a certainty with no certain value.

God is the only One Who is certain not to change.

His Words are Eternal.

His Life is Everlasting.

His promises are sure.

His love is true.

His motives are pure.

He alone is reliable and trustworthy, if what we are looking for,

is a change.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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 Re: Change is...

Wow...very well put!


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