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 GFA Prayers Needed

This prayer request just arrived in my email. I am praying that the Holy Spirit will touch the hearts of these anti-Christians and turn them to Jesus and they will be rejoicing & praising God with the Congregation inside the building. All glory to God. It has happened before by our praying and agreeing together. Glory to God!


Church Construction Halted

June 19, 2011
This church building was nearly complete when extremists defaced the wall and filed a legal claim against the Christians.

Anti-Christian extremists wrote "this is a disputed land" on the front wall surrounding the nearly completed church building.

Believers in a large urban area of South Asia can’t worship in their nearly completed church building. The building was almost finished when a group of staunch anti-Christian extremists successfully halted construction work at the site by raising legal issues about the land.

"You cannot build any church building in this locality. You are only allowed to construct a house to live in, not a church," the extremists charged.

The extremists defaced the new building by painting a message saying "this is a disputed land" on the front wall of the church.

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