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 Christianity isn't about morals

This may come as a shock to some but when I came into contact with Christ Jesus and who He was I quickly threw off my righteousness to be clothed in His. Our Christian faith is not about how morally right or correct we are but is based solely on Christ Jesus who is working continually in us. Often times the world confuses Christians as people who are perfect in morality, yet fail to truly understand Christianity and the fact that Christians never staked such a claim.

Christians are often viewed as Hypocrites and many get upset at such a statement but I say come on lets be honest its a fair jab unless you are 100% morally perfect, this hypocrite slander though again is based off of poor information.

My wife has a friend who believes "if your a good person you'll be alright" the problem with such thinking is though being a good person should naturally come as Christ dwells in us salvation is not based on Goodness except His who died for us. I have met many people who think that is just completely crazy (christians included) there is something about our righteousness we just love clinging to don't we? But the heart of those that know Christ know His Holiness and know none can compare to the Glory of Christ.

Please note this while many of you may misunderstand me know this though: I am not a demolisher of morality, I am not against works, I am not against being a moral person. What I am against is the basis that our morality has anything to do with Salvation, Its all Christ from start to Finish we are simply worshiper (those who submit). None of it is based on what we do but all on what Christ has done on the Cross period.

Now some of you may think I am wrong and though I say I don't desire to demolish morality and take advantage of Grace my efforts are futile. I say this if Christ is in us then we shall become moral people (not based on our works) but based solely on what Christ is doing in us. I did a small and brief Word study of the word Spirit in the New testament the word is Pneuma which according to Strongs means "the immaterial part of the inner person that can respond to God" SIN severed this part of us but through Christ it was restored and infact replaced by one greater Christ Jesus who took our old spirits place.

It's impossible to be a Christian without the Spirit and through and by the Spirit we become moral people (though still human) however our Salvation is based SOLELY on Christ rather than our morality or even the level of said morality, if its not Christ its not good enough. Which is why its vital to drink of the Living Water daily.

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 Re: Christianity isn't about morals


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