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 eternal judgement

I was reading this article on hell,& how God is not going to punish people for eternity.If we go by this mans opinion(who wrote article), & not the Word ( holy Bible),this might be true.Unfortunatly people will not be judged by their own opinions,but by the Word. Jesus Christ said that we were not to fear man who can just destroy the body, but we were supposed to fear Him (God the Father),who could cast both soul & body into hell.I see a huge lack of reverence for God & His Holy Word in this man's article.God is not a humanist,who reighns in heaven for the happiness of man.He reigns in heaven,hell, & earth because He is God the Almighty one.Heaven is His domain,& if He were to allow one person into heaven who was not born-again they would defile heaven.Christ said that we must be born-again or we would likewise perish.The word perish means to die slowly.Why else would Jesus the Christ hang on a cross ? He was not doing it for just something to do.He hung on the cross to reconcile us to God the Father, And to save us from something.That something is HELL. People who go there snubbed their noses at the holiness of God,& are resting in their own self-righteousness.Only Christ's imputed righteousness will make the sinner white as snow.Only the gospel of the bible will change the sin hardened mind & heart.Paul the Apostle preached Christ & Him crucified as the only way of redemption.Whoever says there is no hell,or says it is temporary is a false prophet.There is just to much scripture on hell in the book of revalations alone to convince me otherwise.It says how death & hell were cast into the lake of fire that burns forever(sounds eternal to me).The truth is every human being who was ever born of a woman is an eternal creature.God said we were to be made in His Image & likeness.Well God is an eternal being.The truth is only those who have accepted what Christ did for them on the cross have eternal life.You either will accept Gods amazing grace through His Son Jesus Christ,or you will reject this amazing gift of eternal life.He said that He would stand at the door & knock,(refers to the door of our heart).We have to hear His voice of truth & open that door.People who go to hell refused to open their heart to Christ in this life.Folks this is not a dress rehearsel ,or a video game where we can hit replay.You have to trust God & His holy Word in this life.When Jesus said I am the way,the truth,& the life, He was not kidding.I have had people in my life who I prayed for,& instead of coming to Christ they went their own merry way.How do you think it makes the Lord Jesus Christ feel,when people reject Him.Do you think He likes being called a liar by the creatures He made? Probaly not.America needs to get back to a healthy Holy fear of God,& stop twisting His Word to justify your sin & unbelief.He is coming soon,His hand is on the door knob,when that trumpet blows where will you find yourself.In heaven with Jesus Christ,or in hell with satan & his rebels.


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