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 Re: Praise Report - Hallulujah!

I know these seem like small things but he was in such despair and the Lord is showing him He loves him in ways that are important to him.

Zechariah 4:10 For who hath despised the day of small things? for they shall rejoice........

 2011/6/19 8:19

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 Re: Praise Report - Hallulujah!

Praise be to God!
So good to hear, will continue praying sister.

 2011/6/19 9:21Profile

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Thank you Jesus! Will continue praying....

 2011/6/19 10:27Profile

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Thank you dear saints of God. Not only for your prayers for Joshua and now his Dad, but for your encouraging words that have blessed me to my very soul.

There is no fellowship I have like the fellowship of all of you here on SI. And the power of the prayer warriors. God is blessed by SI and so are we. Again, thank you all and I also pray for all your loved ones on SI that God in His faithfulness will and is hearing and working in their lives as we continue to hold them up.

Joshua stopped cold turkey. He had not been on it for long and I praise God he was scared. It will be that fear along with our prayers that will keep him and bring him to surrender to the Lord. Glory to God!

Again, thank all of you. Many, many blessing be upon you who care for the needy. Glory to God!

 2011/6/19 12:36Profile

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