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 Not so much hell as judgement

In 2006 myself and 4 others were involved in an Atlantic boating accident. A tropical type storm came in and gale winds broke the foremast then later prevailings winds broke the other two. Much I could say here but will go to the point. As we were rescued and dropped at a hotel I went into prayer and had an open vision (not a dream). I saw a ship with all three masts broken and the voice of the Lord spoke and said "These are the three foundations the Church has removed". I immediately surmised prayer, bible etc etc etc. As I thought these things again the voice of the Lord said " do not assume to know what they are. SEEK ME". I journaled the entire event as we traveled home. I immediately got away and fasted and prayed for multiple days. Again the Lord met me and gave me this verse. Isaiah 33:22. God is Judge, Lawgiver, King. "They do not believe I judge today, do not believe I am the Lawgiver and do not believe I am King. When I begin to blow the winds of My Spirit, many churches will snap under the first gale winds and many more under prevailing winds.". The Holy Spirit began to open up these verses including 21-23. Again the Lord began to speak that most of the Church was pulling oars and few were propelled by the Holy Spirit. This principle of Judge Lawgiver King is from Genesis through Revelation. Hell is really not the deep issue. IS GOD WHO HE SAYS HE IS? That is what they are not accepting. I had these similar conversations with Paul Young of the "Shack" who is a very genuine man who has had a revelation of grace but has laid down certain truths of redemption to bring his beliefs to it's end. There is so much to say here but I hope this speaks and rings true by the Spirit. We are walking in some of these days today TF

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