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 letter to Mona

I have several birds and Saturday evening one of them got out of the house and flew away. I looked outside for him into the night and he was gone. I felt silly but I prayed and I ask God to please help! I knew he knows everything and he could help me find him. But my family said he is gone and he isn't coming back.
I remembered how God used a dove to fly down on Jesus’ shoulder when he was baptized and I ask Him if He would cause my little conure to to fly back to me and land on my shoulder too.
I knew He could, He knew right where that little bird was! I sent Rocky and Sammy out to look for the bird the next evening, and they called me from over six blocks away on a different street and said they had found him, but he was way up on the top branches of a gigantic oak tree. I drove over there with some more of my kids and told them to pray. And that bird flew down onto my shoulder. Now Sammy’s hearing aids were in the shop but he said he heard the bird and followed the sound to the correct tree.
I prayed and thanked God and ask him if there was anything I could do for Him in return for answering my prayer, and I know He said clearly, to pray for you. He is a mighty God and He cares for you more then for a little lost bird. You are a delight to Him!
Lets believe Him for a complete and utter miracle in your life. I believe He can heal you. It is possible.
I want to contact everyone possible to start asking God to heal you utterly. He may not, but He may. He is still the God of miracles.

A couple years ago a different little bird got out and flew away. He went straight over the fence in our back yard and was gone. I prayed and ask God to help, believing He really could. I remembered how God said he even knows when a sparrow falls to the ground. I left a note on a neighbors door telling them my bird was last seen flying into their yard. My neighbors were gone all weekend and three days after my bird flew away they called me and said they found him and brought him home.
I love you Mona even though we never had a lot of time to spend together I think you are one of the sweetest people I ever met. Please accept my friendship. God has not chosen to heal everyone but that has nothing to do with you.
Oh Lord God, my Father, please flex your muscles and show yourself strong to Mona and her family. Do mighty and Great things please.
We will give you all the glory Lord !

Your friend Vickie

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