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 God's character and asking for help in exams/sports

Hey guys,

I was wondering if it's okay to pray for God to guide me in my studies - which parts of the syllabus to study, how to best respond to the questions in the exam, or favour before my examiners. Or praying for help before a sporting match like some soccer players do.

Does this constitute a form of cheating? Would God help in the manner as described? For God surely would not assist in cheating.

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 Re: God's character and asking for help in exams/sports


I have moved this discussion to the prayer section of the forums. I personally would say to you it is in motive. We need to do all things for Christ and for His glory. So if praying for these things helps you do that then that is a worthy reason for prayer.

For instance, I am going tonight to play in a basketball league I play in once a week for 12 weeks. This is good excercise for myself, so I will be praying for a good time to take care of my body, protection, opportunities to speak of Christ, and to play in a way that glorifies Christ. But not to win. Though it would be great to win!

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 Re: God's character and asking for help in exams/sports


I agree with Greg on this one. I too play basketball as a form of looking after my body and a regular get together with non-christians. I ask that God would help me glorify him on the court and that God would use this contact with non-Christians to open doors for me to lead them to Christ.

With Exams. Ask God to help you give it your all study wise, for clarity of thought and I think you'll do fine!

Go hard mate,


Mikey Revis

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 Re: God's character and asking for help in exams/sports

Thanks for the replies, guys.

I used to pray for guidance as to what to study, and how to study. There was once while studying for a Chemistry paper, I felt that I should be reading a particular section - it was a very obscure one, a rather unlikely candidate for an examination question. But eventually it did appear in the examination paper!

I used to attribute that incident to God - but having reflected on it, I'm not so sure anymore... would God's character lead Him to guiding me what to study? (that being said, I would have studied that section regardless of what I felt at that time)

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