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What am I missing here? Should we not make the most of each moment given our lives are not our own and scripture speaks to how very short they are? This is not a chasing after the law. This is committing what there is to a more honorable and beneficial use (pursuing Him). If one has this conviction I doubt it would be from Satan unless one was pursuing a righteousness apart from Christs. in these things then it would be the Spirit's working to teach that man what is important and what molds us to be like Jesus.

What is the alternative pursuit? I am not defending myself. I would however defend a brother who is doing that which would please God. He is not doing this for earthly reasons for God has given us The Royal command which we should all seek to obey and may the Spirit refine us in this effort. If Matthew is guilty, the Lord will judge that, as He will judge all our actions. He will be guilty of the highest form of idolatry if it be sin to mold oneself after OUR LORD AND SAVIOR.

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I think it's good to eliminate things. I am not sure if that is for sure what Matthew is meaning here, but even if it's just for a season, it can be good and stretching. I haven't watched a movie in months! :p Even when I try to, I get back up in like 5 minutes, because I've been desensitized from thinking this a "form" of relaxation. Honestly I'd rather read a book.


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I haven't seen anyone mention the computer. We don't watch tv so I suppose it's not a good comparison, but even being of the older generation, I find the computer to be highly addicting. That is WITHOUT doing Facebook and Twitter. I find myself constantly checking emails when I am home, and going to favorite sites that no one would consider "bad". Dare I say that EVEN SERMON INDEX can be put in the place of God. Sometimes it is easier to "zone out" by reading posts on SI rather than going to my Bible or to prayer. If I, being older and not brought up with all this technology see it as a problem in my life, I shudder to watch my children's generation. I have to ask - how can one hear that still small voice of God, when the CONSTANT noise of the world bombards our ears, eyes, senses?? It requires HARD WORK to PRO-ACTIVELY tune it out and make no provision for the flesh.

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Simply my aim is replacing bad stimulation with productive and positive stimulation. :)

And may God richly bless you my dear brother with all spiritual blessings for doing this. And thank you for your encouraging PM. It's good to know that you took my post the way it was intended. I join you in your quest.

 2011/6/16 21:19

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