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 Only God Can Make This REAL in You!

Was reading from this teaching on faith and thought I would share a portion. For me this really struck a cord as I have at times gone running around looking for answers and all a long the only true answer was and is in JESUS! There is no other way, HE is the Way the truth the light!

God Bless

Only God Can Make This REAL in You!

In many ways, I am very, very grateful to God that man is not capable of “giving” you anything that will change your life. And I am certainly far, far, far, from being capable of that. Paul said, “I am so glad that I didn’t have wise or persuasive words, and that I could never say it ‘just right’ so that you would have what I have.” He said, “I know I cannot give you what I have, just with human communication.” The tongues of men and of angels cannot give you what Paul had, what Peter had, what John had, what any other mortal has. Words alone can’t do that—it’s only seed. Only God can give the increase. Paul said, “I’m very glad that I didn’t have persuasive speech, because now it’s between you and God.”

I have absolutely no desire to be dramatic, but I am very frustrated. I didn’t intentionally use any elevated speech in order to inspire or motivate you. I just said what came to my heart in my inner man. And after doing everything that I can to try to express the limited measure of what I see and feel and experience…I am frustrated out of my socks, knowing good and well that there was nothing whatsoever I could really impart to you and give to you that you could actually have. “Okay, I have it now.” It’s not like that. It’s between you and God—that you would find Him, that you would choose to be a worshiper, and you would allow these seeds to dwell in your heart. That the seeds wouldn’t take shallow root, and spring up quickly with great joy, but fail to withstand the heat of the sun coming up with the trials, the pain and the suffering that are yet to come in your life.

The kingdom is entered with much tribulation. If you really want to find the vast storehouse of the riches of Jesus Christ in your own heart, then you need to be like Paul and be willing to carry about in your body the sentence of death, that also the aroma of life might shine forth through your heart and life. It’s not for you, so that you would notice and experience great and awesome things that make you feel good about yourself. Jesus already said it wouldn’t be like that. The Messiah doesn’t come to us in order that we would flex our muscles. He came so that when we are weak, He can be strong through us—in spite of our pain, and in spite of the things that buffet our body on a daily basis, and the messenger from satan that torments us. God allows those things to happen in our hearts so that the surpassing great revelation from Jesus can flow without us becoming conceited.

Welcome the testing of your faith, so that you might grow in perseverance. Welcome it, so that you might grow in character, and grow in your own revelation—something that flesh and blood can never reveal to you. It’s between you and God, is all I’m trying to say. I understand fully that I cannot give you anything. All I can do is hopefully plant a seed in your heart, that you will go out and find God with.

I do understand there’s a part that we play—“the treasure in earthen vessels.” “Faith does come by hearing, and hearing by the voice of God.” “And how can one hear unless someone’s sent to them?” Like the Ethiopian eunuch said, “How can I understand these things unless someone explains it to me?” I understand that you and I will both play a part in other people’s lives. We do plant the seeds, but it also has to be fully recognized that there is no quality of speech that can permanently and supernaturally change a person’s life. Supernatural life and change is between every man and God. It’s for a man, that he would hear the Word, that he would retain the Word and persevere in it, and that he would seek and keep on seeking, ask and keep on asking, knock and keep on knocking. “I will be found by those that search for me with all their heart.” God tells the man who cares.

Be a follower of the Nazarene. Hang on His every word. With the slightest opportunity you have to hear Him—as the birds are chirping, as the thunder and lightening rumbles in the distance, as the conversation happens within earshot, in your living room, in settings like this one—in any environment whatsoever, listen for Him.

Listen, long for, lean into, and incline your ear to the Shepherd’s voice. “Hear it, retain it, and persevere in it.” Cry out to God that He would take these little specks of dirt in your finite mind called seeds, and create supernatural life within you as you choose to believe Him! Live by FAITH and not by sight. Cry out to Him for understanding, as you search for wisdom like you would for gold and silver. If you incline your heart and your ear towards Him, He will miraculously, as you believe His Word, create supernatural life within you. Not necessarily so that you would notice it entirely—this is not for your benefit! It’s for His Glory, for His Testimony. Cry out to Him and for one another that the testimony of the Nazarene, the Master Teacher from Galilee, the Son of God, would shine forth like the stars in the universe, and make a Great Name for Jesus. Not a name for us, not for you, not for me…but for Jesus! Cry out to God for SUPERnatural Life. “Rivers of living water gushing from the inner man” because you believe His Word regardless of circumstances.

Amen means, “so be it.” Amen.

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 Re: Only God Can Make This REAL in You!

Dear MaryJane,

What a great find. My husband and I were blessed by reading this.

Actually, if this was shortened, it would make a great tract, or hand out. I may print up some copies to carry with.

Is that from a web site? Can you share the link with me, please?

white stone


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