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 Help Voice of the Martyrs distribute Bibles to persecuted Christians in hostile lands

Dear Friends,

A few months ago VOM learned that 50,000 Christians in a restricted nation had written their names and addresses on a piece of paper in hopes of obtaining a copy of God’s Word. For many of them, it would be the first Bible they ever owned.

When VOM learned of this list, we immediately uploaded all 50,000 names into our database, enabling our Bibles Unbound partners to sponsor Bibles for each one of these brothers and sisters. All 50,000 individuals have now received a Bible!

Every day, our co-workers throughout restricted and hostile nations gather names of those hoping to receive their own Bible. They live in China, India, Myanmar (Burma), Colombia and other nations where proclaiming the name of Christ comes with great risk. Currently, more than 70,000 of our persecuted brothers and sisters are waiting to receive a Bible.

By joining Bibles Unbound, you can meet their request and sponsor Bibles for your persecuted brothers and sisters. Each month, you will receive the names of five individuals who are waiting for their own Bible. Your monthly contribution will ensure that the Bibles you sponsor are hand delivered, and you will know who receives the Bibles so you can pray for them.

Please consider partnering with us in the Bibles Unbound program. Your monthly contribution of $30 will ensure that Bibles are smuggled to five of our persecuted brothers and sisters each month. And through the Bibles Unbound program, you will know who receives your sponsored Bibles so you can effectively pray for these individuals.

Visit now to learn more.

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 Re: Help Voice of the Martyrs distribute Bibles to persecuted Christians in hostile l

Praise God. this is such a great needful thing to contribute as the Lord leads. We have so much in North American culture, we must equip our brothers and sisters.

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VOM offers a lot of great opportunities to help persecuted Christians all over the world. You can also become a regional VOM representative and hold regular meetings at church, home or anywhere. It just occured to me that I should talk to my pastor about starting one at our fellowship. Yeah, why not?

Wayne Kraus

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