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 Please pray for GFA missionary. Family beaten

June 10, 2011
Sukhwinder, his wife and two of their children.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Sukhwinder Das, who has been serving in a village for four years, started experiencing serious opposition a few weeks ago. In the past week the persecution has escalated into threats and even violence.

On June 4, all the villagers called Sukhwinder to a meeting, where they tried to force him to abandon his faith in Christ and his ministry. Sukhwinder refused.

Just a few days ago, the tense situation reached its climax. At 8:00 p.m. on June 8, the village elders stormed into Sukhwinder's home and attacked him, his wife, their three children and his elderly father. They even hurled stones at the children.

Sukhwinder's father was beaten until he lost consciousness and suffered serious injuries.

Police arrived while the attackers were brutalizing the family, but they refused to help. When Sukhwinder went to the police station the next day to report the incident, the police declined to file a report against the village elders because no eyewitness would come forward to make a statement.

Sukhwinder and his family visited a doctor and are receiving treatment.

Sukhwinder would appreciate prayer for God's protection and comfort upon his family—especially for his father's speedy recovery.

He also asked for prayer for . . .

God to turn the hearts of the policemen in his favor.
someone to give a statement incriminating the attackers.
God to change the attitudes of the villagers toward him.

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 Re: Please pray for GFA missionary. Family beaten

Thank you for posting these sister. I just got a postcard today from a sister that is part of GFA. What a blessing! I'm sure it was random but what a blessing and an encouragement it was.


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 Re: Please pray for GFA missionary. Family beaten

As I read this in horror, I wonder what I would do.....

I clearly remember sitting around our dining table some 11 years ago -- my oldest daughter was 17 at the time, and she said, "We must not be very good Christians - we're not persecuted".....My response was, "Just wait...." Little did I know then that our nation would turn against Christians the way it has in such a short time....and I'm sure I don't know now how awful it might get here.....nonetheless, I cannot grasp having stones hurled at my children, and my elderly father beaten to unconsciousness.....for JESUS.....

I will pray....

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