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Joplin, Missouri

 Joplin Missouri Update

I wanted to say thank you for all who have been praying for the people of Joplin. We are now almost three weeks since the tornado and things are beginning to settle back into a somewhat normal routine outside of the major damage zone. But the stories that are being told are nothing short of miraculous and God is receiving great glory.

My own sister and brother-in-law were in a restaurant and dollar shop immediately in front of Wal-Mart at 15th and Range Line Road. She felt a very strong compulsion to leave and go home. Her husband protested that they were not finished shopping and that they still needed to go to Wal-Mart for a gift card for gasoline. She insisted that they simply pay for what they had and leave. They were about 10 blocks north when the sirens went off and arrived home 4 miles north of the damage path moments before golf-ball sized hail began to fall.

One man felt a very strange compulsion to go outside when the sirens sounded rather than to go into his basement. It defied logic but he went outside. Across the street stood a family who also felt the same compulsion. He knew then why he was outside. This family had no basement. He told them to take shelter in his basement and all survived.

We are very accustomed to tornado warnings here, so much so that we typically glance at the sky and ignore the warning. For some reason almost everyone I talk to says they had a strong feeling that this was one warning they should take seriously. The low numbers of dead are baffling to the scientists who have come to study the storm. All I can say is that God protected many people.

After his experiences my son is a very different man than he was just three weeks ago. He told me he realizes he is the most self-centered man on the planet (I disagree as I think I hold that title). He has been ministering to many tornado patients at the hospital where he works.

Debris removal has begun in earnest. Most of the aid organizations are leaving, but many local churches and other groups continue to offer food, clothing, beds, and other necessary supplies. All have been accounted for as far as anyone knows. The funerals have begun and many grieving people are beginning to experience some closure. Pray for these families. My heart breaks as I consider what they are going through.

Pray also for my mother's cousin, Mark. He was in the home near the high school taking care of the two handicapped men who lost their lives. He remains comatose and is fighting for his life.

Continue to pray for the city.


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 Re: Joplin Missouri Update

Thank you for the update, twayneb. My wife and I are continuing in prayer.


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 Re: Joplin Missouri Update

Thank you for sharing. PLEASE keep updating us as I had begun to be slack in my prayers.

I am wondering......Does it take a "Joplin tornado" for most of us to see how self-centered we are?? Oh that we would have eyes to see!!

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Amen for what the Lord is doing. And for the most part it takes us getting to the very pit of life to call out to God. Sad but so true. The good news is those who have been forgiven much also love much. We have an most awesome God. Will continue to pray as well. Glory to God.

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Brumley Missouri

 Re: Joplin Missouri Update

Travis, you have confirmed to me that the Lord warns his people before destruction comes. This is such a great testimony here is why...

That Sunday my family and I went to outback to eat lunch together in Osage Beach MO. It was 4:45PM when the Lord told me to go outside. So, I did.

Once outside the Lord spoke to me again and told me there was destruction in these storms. I could see the storm rolling in over the lake.

Now I live 13 miles from Lake of the Ozarks and this was before we heard anything about Joplin. I began to pray and found myself rebuking the storm that was coming.

The Holy Spirit brought to my memory Matthew 8:24-27.

I have read that many believers here on this forum and abroad believe that God was pouring his wrath on Joplin, I never believed that. I believe the devil was using this storm and perhaps all the storms that hit eleven other states before and after Joplin to "Kill, Steal and Destroy" as is his nature.

Thanks brother, for your post and I am keeping you and your family in prayer.

William Cato

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