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 Nepal Plans New Criminal Code Forbidding Evangelism

KATHMANDU, Nepal, June 2 (CDN) — Five years after it abolished Hinduism as the state religion, Nepal is working on a new criminal code forbidding a person from one faith to “convert a person or abet him to change his religion.”

Article 160 of the proposed code also says no one will be allowed to do anything or behave in any way that could cause a person from a caste, community or creed to lose faith in his/her traditional religion or convert to a different religion. The proposal would also prohibit conversion “by offering inducements or without inducement,” and preaching “a different religion or faith with any other intent.”

If found guilty, offenders could be imprisoned for a maximum of five years and fined up to 50,000 Nepalese rupees (US$685). If the offender is a foreigner, he or she would be deported within seven days of completing the sentence.

Nepal’s Christian community, which has no representation in the Council of Ministers or in parliament, was caught unaware of the new criminal law in the offing.

“We have not heard of this,” said Lokmani Dhakal, general secretary of Nepal Christian Society. “We need to look into this.”



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 Re: Nepal Plans New Criminal Code Forbidding Evangelism

I love my persecuted brothers and sister they make me so proud (not in a boastful way) and also makes me feel like a scaredy cat, this is one of the many obstacles they face DAILY and they risk it all, yet here we are risking very little for a mediocre message and delivery. You better preach with passion if you plan on getting arrested for it, that message better COUNT and Hit right on the head and hearts of your listener, because it very well could be your last message.

Thank you for the article I will add Nepal to my mind as I pray that the Bondage will not snuff out the flame of our Brothers and Sisters.

Matthew Guldner

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