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 The spider and the web

The following thought came to me today as I read a poem at the end of Alan Redpaths book on Nehemiah.
How subtle is our foe! He always moves with the times. In days gone by, before the age of the computer, one could choose what books to place on their shelves. In some respects you knew what you were buying. The lost in the world with it’s novels, the carnal Christian with a mix of both worldly novels and Christian writings and the hungry saint with only those Christian books considered a blessing for the soul, (although no book other than the Bible is perfect!). But now, with the age of the internet how slyly has the enemy found a way to slip between the pages dainties that would tempt the most God fearing saint away even from drinking out of those wells previously dug by saints. No matter what page we have open before us, no matter how godly, even a page opened up on the Word of God, you are now only one click away from the enemies dazzling dainties that would strike at the area weakest to you, unable to resist it’s temptation. The whole world is before us wherever we go, in our homes or out and about on our mobiles. Why do you think it is called the world wide web? It’s world wide, meaning the WHOLE world is before us at the click of a button. Yet it also really is like a web! The spider being the enemy of our soul weaving his web in the hope of snaring us! No insect ever intends on getting trapped in a web but are caught unawares. The spider also weaves his web in cunning locations. He won’t place his trap where insects avoid, he places it in those locations where insects are often found! Once caught it is very difficult to break free.
One of and probably the most oldest and widely used tactic by the enemy is to get the saint to waste as much time as possible. Just like a book, the pages we are on may or may not be edifying to the soul. The enemies aim here is only to get the soul away from spending time with the Lord. The more time the better for he knows his time is short!
All this made me think of my own struggle. As my desire to be used by God grew to such intensity I cried to be filled with more of His Spirit. He then graciously showed me areas He really would like to fill but were full already with other things. In an effort to make more room I gave up certain things that were lawful but not really profitable. In this new found time I would check my messages online. However, with the temptation of knowing I had extra time, I would get caught up surfing the web. I would allow the wave to carry me along until before I knew it time was gone! That precious new found time I knew the Lord wanted to use to answer my prayer. The internet among other things is lawful and even profitable! But we can be brought under it’s power and enslaved by it, 1 Corinthians 6:12.
Here then is the verse from that poem by John E. Bode. Possibly a good prayer to make not only before we step out into the world but also before we step into the world within our homes!

‘O let me feel Thee near me! The world is ever near;
I see the sights that dazzle, the tempting sounds I hear;
My foes are ever near me, around me and within;
But, Jesus, draw Thou nearer, and shielding my soul from sin.

 2011/6/6 15:41

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