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 Thank you for sermon recommendations

Thank you for all the sermon recommendations that everyone put forward.

We had a our home church today and we played the sermon by Paul Washer Modern American Christianity. WOW!!!! I downloaded a few more sermons from Paul Washer.

I was really moved and changed by another sermon by Steve Lawson, 'It will cost you everything'.

These were not sermons that most people who attend church want to hear. I pray that the people who came to our group today had the seed planted in them to really serve the Lord and know what the cost is to follow Him.

These 2 sermons have been so incredible and life changing for us and there is nothing else I could do but repent before the Lord and give Him everything.

Thank you, thank you again, Bless you guys.

The Carter

Mrs Carter

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 Re: Thank you for sermon recommendations

steve lawson great man of god , he has a good sermon on george whitfield , on utube

when i saw your name , one of my favourt sermons ,from carter conlon , life beoned the grave , came to mind ,,is worth watching ,,,,,,,,bless you carter

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