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"the LIE AND the proud manner"

There is a definite connection between pride, lying, and slandering others. Maybe we can mention a few things, since the topic is not far from related to this thread.

The Psalmist said:

"The proud have forged a lie against me"

The ESV has it: the insolent have smeared me with lies.

Pride disposes us to see ourselves higher than we should in all regards and to see others lower just the same.

In religion especially, the proud over-estimate: their grasp of the truth, their ability to communicate it, their liberty to speak it, how well they are able to self-correct their own errors. Pride disposes us to error by concealing it from us.

Because pride makes others small in our eyes it becomes increasingly hard to recieve correction as we find fewer and fewer people we regard as equals. The lowly are able to be corrected by any and all.

But how does this relate to lying and especially lying about others?

The more sure you are of your self, the looser you are with your mouth, and the less you think of others the more likely you are to use your mouth against them.

A man that can tell a lie about you without the slightest fear in his heart has the highest regard for himself and thinks little or nothing about you or your value as a person.

And people who treat others that way, may be under the greatest delusions about their regard for God(1John 4:20).

In religion the proud tend to be the most daring in the things they teach and the doctrines they promote and if a man can put lies in the mouth of God without any fear be sure he can tell lies about you far more easily, and far worse.

Thomas Boston said that proud souls are Satan's apes, and none imitate him to the life like them.

No wonder there is a connection between lying and slandering others, and pride.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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