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 False Teachers using Scripture in Context with the Proper Methods

One thing that is commonly quoted
"A text without a context is a pretext for a proof text."

With the study of Hermeneutics and Sermons can you have a false teacher use scriptures in context which are Historically, Grammatically, Culturally Correct but completly out of sync or heretical!

One thing that I noted is that someone could preach a perfect sermon but not have the spirit of God or use his body in a completly perverse way!

Recently I was given this argument on Tattoos

1 Cor
19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? 20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit,
which are God's.

The argument went like this is that you are using this verse out of context as it refers to fornication so this is not valid!

Leviticus 19:28 NKJV
You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord.

The same verse was also dismissed because it refers to burial of the dead ! Verse after verse I can show people and then they can use actually to get away from the meaning to use in its wider context.

So i got accused of taking verses out of context.
What do you do if you only have one verse that deals with a certain subject. I am into Archaeology and the study of this subject people can use History to back up whatever claim they can come up with in fact. It depends what history you look at.

Sometimes because there are different streams of hermeneutics such as Allergorizing texts or using a different Method which would only be picked up if you listen really carefully! Say if you do not like say the Reformed Method of hermanuetics I switch tack to maybe another brach of Hermaneutics to validate my beliefs!

Is being humble or being wrong, I know I am wrong probably interprating scripture wrong!

To me this aspect is like the building blocks, the bible convicts us of sin and it convicts of things we do not like. As the word of God the very aspect that there are verses that we do not like or maybe want to live out.
If the bible was simply a man made book it would overlook things like sin and judgement and miracles!
I think there was one point I wanted to know all the scripture passages I dont want to read!

Hermanuetics not only comes around with preaching the passages in scripture or books that you like. You may preach from Romans when God is telling you to preach from Numbers or Jeremiah ! By All means you are preaching in context but you are not obeying god or his holy spirit! Is that cross we are picking up. It could also be in personal bible study are we prepared to take a step of faith and obey the lord! From the outside it would look like you are preaching correctly but actually you are disobeying the Lord!

Do we actually live what we preach, I know we all fail in this area.

Hiding behind knowledge or only teaching your congregation up to a certain level because if they actually learn more they will know what you actually teach is off the wall.

I love the use of Greek and Hebrew but when you use it so you give your members to actually love jesus and his word more and for them to love study and love Jesus more! You can use what you say as elitism but it mostly happens in the opposite way where the flock goes out hungry and you denigrate christ!

I know a guy that preached from a Greek or Hebrew word and suddenly discovered that the actual meaning of the word was not the meaning of the word! It is interesting when people say commentaries say this, we live in an age when everything can be looked up and specifics matter, What commentary

The aspect of prayer before preaching and around preaching and with every aspect of preaching. A dry sermon in context without tears and without the heart of God.

We need topical preaching on different subjects to counteract the thinking of this world such as teaching against Evolution, homosexuality and other subjects!

The bible we read is paved with the blood of the martyrs and in places like China and North Korea it still is.

I know I thought of alot more examples where people can use scripture even actually against Christ in context and hermanuetically correct, I am for inteprating scripture correctly but I want the God of the Bible and not emotional hype or scholarship that is of the wall!

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: False Teachers using Scripture in Context with the Proper Methods

With the study of Hermeneutics and Sermons can you have a false teacher use scriptures in context which are Historically, Grammatically, Culturally Correct but completly out of sync or heretical! One thing that I noted is that someone could preach a perfect sermon but not have the spirit of God or use his body in a completly perverse way! Recently I was given this argument on Tattoos

deltadom: I would like to perhaps take a stab at this topic and give a little bit of my opinion.

There are several different things I see going on here. The first reminds me of an old saying that is attributed to men who preach what is technically correct but have none of the anointing of the Holy Spirit in what they do. It goes like this. "He is as straight as a gun barrel and just as empty." So we could be technically or scripturally correct and have none of the Holy Spirit in what we do. The result is dry and lifeless and in my opinion just as dangerous as outright error.

It really comes down to the heart I guess. I know for a fact that as a teacher I have taught things that were error. When I taught those things I was ignorant of the truth, thinking I knew the correct interpretation and all the time operation under a fallacious paradigm. I was in right relationship with God. I was not a heretic. I had a vibrant relationship with God through Christ and had the power of the Holy Spirit operation in me, but I missed it. I think we are all going to find ourselves in that situation from time to time, but I was pure in my heart. Another could be impure in their heart, yet teach something that is technically correct.

The second issue is the issue of tatoos and etc. You are right, there is an Old Testament prohibition on marking the body. You are also right in saying that it is the only scriptural mention of the topic. The scripture in 1 Cor. can only be applied to tatoos in the sense that if my body is not my own then I should seek the approval of God who owns my body before doing anything to is such as a tatoo. By the way, if we take this tack we must also say that if I am married I must seek the permission of my wife or husband as well since scripture tells me my body does not belong to me but to my spouse.

But the real issue that must be addressed here is to what degree a New Testament believer must adhere to the prohibitions and commandments of the law. I know this has been discussed at great length on this forum and though we seem to agree for the most part there are those who still have a great disagreement. If we say we are not to have a tatoo because of this legal prohibition then we must also be very diligent about keeping every jot and tittle of the remainder of the law for the same reason. For example, the other day I cooked a steak for supper. I cooked it in butter because it gives great flavor to the steak. Yet the law tells us NOT to seethe the meat of the animal in its mother's milk, which is what butter is made of. So technically I broke the Old Testament law. However I understand that this law was a shadow of a better thing to come.

If we read the book of Acts we find that the original Christians who still kept the law out of tradition (they were Jews remember) were upset because the new Gentile believers were not keeping the law. Remember that the decided that Gentiles keeping the law was not necessary and gave them just a few basics to follow. See Acts 15.

I do believe it you seek God and He says don't get a tatoo, you had better not get a tatoo. I personally don't see the point is injecting ink under my skin and having to wear that thing the rest of my life. I feel it very unwise and actually a bit ridiculous. I can see where it could be vanity, but that is not a condition of the skin but rather of the heart so I cannot accuse anyone of vanity without knowing it for certain.

By the way. Hermeneutics and all of the other long and difficult to spell words we use for what is simply careful study of the word of God without the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit will lead us to dryness and death. The letter kills but the Spirit gives life. Not that there is anything wrong with hermeneutics and etc.. It is just that we need the Holy Spirit to help us interpret the word of God.


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Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the explanation by twayneb.


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