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 Life is all about lessons from God by Dean Finnestad

Life is all about lessons from God.

In February of 2009 I shared with the group what God had been showing me about coming events. I was immediately attacked. While the events I predicted are still coming to pass it has taken longer than I anticipated at that time. I anticipated a matter of months but it has been 2 years. This delay is due to the fact that God prefers mercy over judgment.

What I have learned is not to take rejection of prophetic words personally. People who reject what I say as a prophet are rejecting God. They are His words, not mine.

Having said this, here is another word I received a few weeks later in March of 2009. I have not changed a word.

God has chosen and raised up Barack Obama to accomplish His purpose on earth. Everything Barack Obama, as President of the United States, has done, is doing and will do is designed to accomplish God's purpose. This purpose is to destroy the United States of America as we know it. This is because the American way of life is anti-Christ and anti-God. The American way of life is all about pleasing self by serving money. It has become a way of idolatry idolized by the rest of the world. It deserves to be destroyed. It's destruction precedes the coming of a time of great pressure in which everyone will be forced to choose between man's way and God's way."

 2011/6/4 0:59

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