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 Is God the CEO of Family Radio?

Even after Harold Camping's world-wide prediction failed about the return of Jesus Christ on May 21st, Harold Camping's radio call-in program open forum is still running, at least it is still being televised.

As I understand it from hearing it a few times since, he is now saying that salvation is no longer possible for anyone that was not already saved.

For years leading up to this Mr. Camping told his hearers that salvation was so dependent upon God that they could not really do anything in response to the message of the Gospel, but that God would do it if He has chosen them.

This morning a woman called in relating how terrified she was on May 21st, but also how she knew that God was the "CEO of family Radio", to which Mr. Camping readily agreed. He was also quick to credit all of the events leading up to and surrounding his failed prediction, to God as well. Only God, he said, could have orchestrated all that had taken place, provided for all of those bus ads, and so.

Is that right?

Is God the CEO of Family Radio?

Is God the author of the message that salvation has now ended?

While the Lord Jesus Christ affirmed the teaching to us that God is Soveriegn over His World(Matthew 10:29), that is, God's ability to control even the smallest of events is absolute, He also affirmed to us the teaching that there are effects in the world for which God is neither the cause or the author.

The Lord Jesus said it was an enemy that had sown tares among the wheat. That Satan, is the father of Lies.

And Paul, His Apostle, said that God is not the author of confusion.

When the Lord Jesus taught His followers to pray for God's will to be done on Earth, as it is, in Heaven, implicit in the command is the understanding that it(God's will) is not always done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven. But we are to pray for it to be so.

For years Harold Camping has spread a message that people have no power to respond to God's command to believe, but that God, in His Soveriegnty, would do it in them.

Now, in response to his failed prediction that Jesus Christ would return on May 21st, he is telling them they have all been judged and God is no longer saving anyone.

Jesus, in contrast, told His hearers to strive to enter, seek to find, knock to have it opened, and ask to recieve.

And most of all, He told them, to believe.

Is God the CEO of Family Radio, because He is Soveriegn over His World?

One thing is certain: Jesus is the King of Heaven. Not the father of lies.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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