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 Reflection of the Heart

I decided to post this in hopes that it encourages others to do the same, that is self reflection. I started a study of John a long while back and took a ton of notes verse by verse, my plan is to read these notes through and reflect on what I have learned an evaluate if any of what I learned has taken shape in me through application. The ultimate end of a good bible study student is change and that is what the Word of God is to do. I know as I reflect I may see something very positive things but then I may also be hit in the face with reality and pay the piper however the last thing I want to be is a delusional individual that thinks to highly of themself.

What I have learned this past Six Months:
Christ is beyond Holy
Christ is beyond Worthy
Christ is beyond Righteous
Christ is beyond Lovely
Christ is beyond Majestic
Christ is Everything I'm not

I am no one
I am a sinner
I am a wretch
I am a liar
I am a cheat
I am an adulterer
I am a murderer
I am vile
I am under the penalty of Death

Christ Died and Rose Again
Christ is the Life
Christ is the Light
Christ desires to be my Righteousness
Christ desires to be my Brother
Christ desires to Love me
Christ died so I may live
I must die so I can enter that Life

I can never earn my salvation by ANY works whatsoever the debt is too high, but Christ graciously paid the price for me not because I am good but because Christ is Good. When I look at the World I find it harder and harder to judge them and when I look at my brothers and Sisters its a near impossibility.

James was correct about the tongue, its so hard to tame and keep under control, so in that I will say I am sorry if I have cut any of you with my words.

I learned being a witness requires an empty vessel that is willing to be broken time and time again. That being a Christian is suppose to be "Social Suicide", a complete breaking away from the world in its nature.

I also learned its much harder to blame the devil for my sin when I know now my heart is so deceptive.

Christ is everything, I am nothing but putting this into practice is impossible without Christ working in me.
Christ desires to express Himself through His Body the Church.

This in a nutshell is what I remember learning and it was in the school of hardknocks and definitely wasn't without tears. My prayer is I will submit to Christ and His wonderous work and that will bring about true Worship and application of the Truth.

Matthew Guldner

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