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 Re: Crazy prosparity preachers owns their own airports.

Four or five thoughts crossed my mind, and blew thru my soul:

One, these men and women OBVIOUSLY do NOT fear God.

Two, bless God that i am not a congressman, because as the LORD is my witness, i would assemble a squad of rottweiler IRS officials to do an investigation that has fangs, resultly in both loss of their 501c3 status, and criminal prosecution.

Three, We, as a nation, shall pay dearly for this, someday, this beautiful land will be salted with fire, whether the electrical grid going down and the ensuing chaos, mayhem, and lawlessness, or nuclear attack from China.....God is love, but woe to those who have been given much and do so little.

Four, i never envy, nor sully a man or woman who is blessed with great wealth, may they prosper, and hopefully live an Isaiah 58 lifestyle. But those who handle the Word, are tasked for servanthood, not Herodhood.

and finally Five, i wish David and his 30 mighty men were around to get Old Testament on these fleshlings..i say fleshlings, coz they're too soft and pampered to be wolves.

Oh, a Day is coming, the Day of the LORD.

 2011/6/1 11:43

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 Re: Crazy prosparity preachers owns their own airports.

Luke 6:38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

This is the verse that Kenneth Copland uses to justify his greed. I use to listen to him years ago and he is a really good teacher. the problem is he has "the buck stops here" mentality. It seems that he keeps more than he gives.

I quite listening to him after he had a special with Oral Roberts when he has an urgent message to the church. this was the foundation message and that is all they talk about "giving" to there ministry.

Copeland use to be Oral's personal pilot.

When the woman was trying to interview him I was impressed when Copeland allowed her to ask her question. However, when she touched on the subject of the planes he became defensive and said "that's none of your business young lady"

It wasn't what he said as the venomous way he inflected it, then walk away.

Be truthful in all things. Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

William Cato

 2011/6/1 11:47Profile

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hi, we shall all stand before the judgement seat of Christ...

Jimp, that is so true. I will one day stand before the Bema seat of Christ and will answer for the things I have done as will every one of us including Mr. Copeland, Mr. Hinn, and etc.

I recall a story I heard from a minister about one of his friends. This minister's friend was a believer who owned a large estate, horses, boats, ATV's, nice cars, and a very large house. He really lived a very high lifestyle. Other Christians began to critisize this man and complain to the minister. They demanded to know how this man could justify his lifestyle when that money could have been used for ministry. The minister did not defend his friend, but simply listened. He said later that what the complaining Christians did not know was that this man gave 90% of all of his income to the work of the gospel and lived on 10%.

I am not defending nor am I decrying Mr. Copeland or Mr. Hinn. They will not answer to me but to God. I am simply saying that we often judge based on what we see with our own eyes and often that information paints a very different picture than what is really happening.

I know personally of men who teach doctrinal error. I know personally of men who truly are wolves in sheeps clothing. I would and have advised other believers not to follow such men. But for men to whose personal lives I am not privy I reserve judgement and simply advise others to compare carefully what they see and hear to the Word of God and pray diligently about whether God would have them sow into these ministries.

I know that we so easily form very strong opinions of other people in the body of Christ, but I urge us all to bury our opinions and pray for one another, including the man you think is wrong. God will judge. I am to use discernment. God can give me that discernment supernaturally or sometimes there is clear natural discernment that I can exercise.

I guess what I am trying to say is that we do need to exercise great caution when it comes to judging and decrying our brother or sister. Speak only that which you know beyond doubt to be true.


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