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Celina, Texas

  Are You Born Again?

"I AM A PASTOR" yes, but are you born again?

"I WAS RAISED IN THE CHURCH" yes, but are you born again?

"I SING IN THE CHOIR" yes, but are you born again?


"I ASKED CHRIST INTO MY HEART AT EIGHT YEARS OLD" yes, but are you born again?

"I LOVE MY CHURCH" yes, but are you born again?

"I TITHE FAITHFULLY" yes, but are you born again?

"I HAVE NOT MISSED A SERVICE IN OVER 40 YEARS" yes, but are you born again?

"I TEACH SUNDAY SCHOOL" yes, but are you born again?

"I HAVE BEEN A DEACON NOW FOR 18 YEARS" yes, but are you born again?

"I PRAY AND READ MY BIBLE EVERY MORNING" yes, but are you born again?

"I HAVE BEEN ON 10 MISSION TRIPS" yes, but are you born again?



"I'M A BAPTIST" yes, but are you born again?

"I LEAD THE WOMANS BIBLE STUDY" yes, but are you born again?

"I AM THE SON OF A MISSIONARY" yes, but are you born again?

"I AM AN ELDER IN OUR LOCAL CHURCH" yes, but are you born again?

"I'VE BEEN THROUGH SEMINARY" yes, but are you born again?

"I WAS BAPTISED AT SIXTEEN" yes, but are you born again?

"I AM A CHRISTIAN" are you born again?

I remember when I was growing up how often I heard these words," Are you born again"? I would never come to know their meaning until later in life, but had always thought that since I claimed to be a Christian, that I most certainly was one. For some reason those words are not asked today as frequently as they were years back. I don't believe when they were being asked back then that they were truly understood, because there was never follow up to them and I was desperately lost. They were merely just a quick identification (Church speak) for the benefit of the one who asked. How can one be so blind to what the words born again mean? I was and I do believe the many who asked probably were as well. I Did not know about the dramatic change affiliated with the new life in Christ. This was not taught or really talked about.

I came from a conservative Baptist background. I agreed to the truths of God and when the application of them was presented to me by way of some scripture and a prayer, I gave my affirmation. There was no great repentance and no real change in my affections. Just strong agreement to the truths with a future of poor execution and in my defense, nothing to generate anything else. To those on the outside, I gave them no cause for suspicion. I learned how to act. Years would pass and I would thrive in this enviroment doing all of the things one would expect from a model Christian. Oh but the heart was desperately wicked and even though I thought myself bound for eternity with Christ, I was lost. It would not come until 32 years later, having been in the church that whole time, that the words Born Again would go from identification to a new identity. All was changed. What I was before is past. My new life has meaning, for Christ is more than just with me. He is in me. The old life is gone. The new He has entered in and established. So now when someone asks,"Are you born again"? I can tell them yes, now lets talk about what that means!

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 Re: Are You Born Again?

Good post Lylewise.

I was raised Methodist. They led me to believe that because i was sprinkled at birth i was going to heaven. (Etc).
I actually believed that for over 2 decades.

 2011/5/31 3:44

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North Central Florida

 Good post Lylewise!

My Mother is a Deacon at her so-called Church. Only a few weeks ago, she told me she was finally reading the New Testament. ??????

It is encouraging to me that Mama has begun to read the Word. I pray for her. If any of you feel so inclined, I would appreciate if you would, also.

Kind regards,
white stone


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Celina, Texas

 Re: Good post Lylewise!

Growing up in the church (unsaved but thinking myself saved) I would occasionally hear, although it was very rare, of one who had served as elder or deacon or in some other capacity, all of the sudden coming to Christ. I would so quickly pass over the thought and write it off as just a great ignorance on that persons behalf. The problem was they had not agreed fully with the common think. That however was from my very skewed mind that was yet to be born again.

Today the many unsaved in the church will hear of these same things on occasion and feel the same way. However those born again will automatically understand that the great miracle of salvation has suddenly fallen upon one who was religious . This is what men like Tozer labored passionately to expose. An unsaved man can attend the church and do a great many things that one who has been born again does. The difference between the two is one operates indwelled by the Spirit; the other does not.

Men will pray, they will read scripture, they will do good deeds, they will discipline themselves in many ways, they will join themselves to the membership of proclaimed believers, they will partake of the sacraments, observe days, fellowship, serve in various capacities and participate in a great many things However, their baptism is but a quick dip without the benefit of the swim . Their membership is of no more value than the paper it is recorded on. Their fellowship is superficial. Their sacraments are meaningless low calorie consumptions. Their good deeds sown in self effort never sprout for no Godly fruit is possible. Their prayers though heard by one who is omniscient, are likened to sounds falling upon deaf ears. Their holy days are but an empty and vain identification with but another passing day. Their discipline is self effort with no gifted strength. Their scriptural reading is intellectualism without true heart.

They will do a great many things. This does not classify them born again! So the warning should go out. The flares lit. The sirens sounded. Knowing what we know. Understanding what is prevalent in this time of great deception, we should not fear asking questions that only we are equipped to ask. Most everyone in the Church will claim to be saved. How many are truly born again?

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 Re: Are You Born Again?

Are You Born Again?

As one goes older this question may become less and less theological. As you look back in your life, through those good times, struggles, those trials, those failures there will be but tears and deep gratitude that the grace, mercy, and power of God has been with you.

It doesn't matter much if you been good because
you know in your heart that it is by his great love alone that you are saved and all you can say is 'thank you Lord, be thou exalted.'

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Mat 24:13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

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HI Lylewise,

This question is the question of the ages. Satan hates this question. Another way of putting it is " Do you "know," God. Religious men rise up against these questions as Saul rose up against David. One has the Spirit of God, the other does not and we know that flesh strives against the Frank

 2011/6/2 12:32

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 Re: Are You Born Again?

Lylewise, AMEN!

I grew up in a conservative Baptist church also, but the difference with me was that all those points you've made WERE stressed. And yet, I tried to stifle all my worries telling myself it was just the devil trying to get me. After three of the worst years of my life (intense conviction, gripping fear and eventually hardening to all of it) I was so mercifully converted and cannot cease to praise Him! O the depth of His mercy!

32 years is a long time; but glory to God YOU KNOW FOR SURE NOW! That's what really matters.

As always, the searching question is ARE YOU BORN AGAIN??

Classical Arminiasm tends to focus on your life after conversion, downplaying the conversion experience; classical Calvinism tends to focus on your conversion experience itself, downplaying you life afterwards. But Scripture points to the fact that your life will be a radically new life BECAUSE of the absolutely incredible work God does at conversion. Just an interesting side note; I'm not insinuating any theological debate as I understand that is not acceptable on here...

Thanks for your uplifting post.

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Celina, Texas


The church is a captive audience. We seek to extend ourselves traveling to a good many places, and we should when called by God to do so. Yet concerning evangelism men like Tozer, Ravenhill, Havner, Reidhead, Redpath, Conlon, Comfort, Washer, Wilkerson, Katz, and a slew of others even including Graham have spoken, and we must be willing to accept the doctrine of the few (remnant) within the church. It does not speak to the great mass of souls that attend church . These religious ones in our day are the very ones that need to be reached. In this regard they are truly a captive audience. We need to accept what our brothers in Christ have told us and warned us of. We need to understand and reach out knowing this to be true. They did not create this doctrine but merely relayed to us that it is as alive and viable today just as it was in scripture.

We cannot take for granted that the great mass of those that assemble every Sunday, claiming to be saved and regenerated men, are really lost. There is much religion but few who know God. Yes they do so many things that others do who are truly saved but we must flush out the lie with the truth. Each saint is given a testimony by God. What that speaks to and what it consists of cannot be copied.

Do all in the church have a testimony? Yes almost all do but what does that say? A testimony can be born in the flesh but the flesh is not born again, so the testimony will be flawed and false. However it cannot be exposed when discernment is forfeited to the culture of the church and it is impossible that it be exposed by yet another deceived and false professor. Is it that we have voluntarily laid our priesthood aside? In some cases yes, but when the majority claim priesthood and are not, then the problem is not difficult to discern. Didn't the priests examine their own? A type and shadow of our evangelical obligations as servants of the Most High. This inspection and scrutiny in the church has been hands off and men cannot be expected to use discernment that they do not have, but for those born again, God can give us the boldness and strength we need to face the churched lost. I come across so many regenerated believers that want to pack up and go to a foreign land and evangelize where men have not been ruined by church culture and the false assurance that they hold to. Once again good men filled with the Spirit have told us of the few in number. So tragically low in the church (true believers) that virtually no one believes them. The born again do, but that only lowers the perceived percentage of the true saints within the church even more. So we pray that God gives us strength to evangelize properly and perseveringly those who would even call themselves Christian.

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The word 'born again' can be misused but so is the question
'are you born again' can be abused and be born out of pride and contentiousness.

What really make us 'born again', is it the set of ceremonies, a set of belief, a set of sound theological knowledge, a set of good conduct?

When we ask the question 'are you born again' what is really in our mind? a passion for the lost souls, a passion for argument, a passion for Christ?

What really means to be born again, how do we know we are among the ones and how do we know they are not among the ones.

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