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Codek; we need to be careful not to put Piper on a pedestal. He is human like you and me and is capable of mistakes. I've made the error of making an idol of a preacher. Bad idea.


 2011/6/26 10:57Profile

 Warren's attraction.

Mark 13:22
"For false Christs and false prophets will rise and show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect."

"If we can't see through guys like Warren, good luck with the one who's coming."..EverestoSama

Amen EOS..The one who comes will resurrect from the dead publicly...after being killed publicly....much after the scenario of Osama Bin Laden.

It will be real and shocking...right along with a compadre who will call down fire just exactly like Elijah did to attest to his supposed Lordship....and many will believe them, and worship the "man of sin."

These multitudes will have become numbed by the constant dripping of the One-Worlders Unitarian efforts that Warren is spearheading as an ambassador to them all.

As..[Jesus Is God speaks]..[ Good post...I agree with you...]

"Are we to follow Warren now and his connections to Tony Blair's Faith Initiative and to the Council of Foreign Relations [a globalist think tank]...

....and to Davos [where the world's economic system is being hammered out] and to the U.N. where Warren is well accepted in the Inter-Faith System going on there and into Warren's Dominionist views - just to name a few of his inter-faith-globalists agendas and memberships?"

Amen Jesus Is God. These are all anti-Christ movements designed to declare that Yahweh is Allah is Buddha is Baal. These are no doubt a part of the great Satanic inspiration to deceive the Earth.

JesusIsGod goes on.."I do not want that Proclamation of His Name connected to or found anywhere that promotes this political-globalist, double-speaking hypocrite and liar Rick Warren or anyone like him - such as Brian McLaren."

...........Amen...uncompromised, and I also agree. Here on SI, you..[JIG] have the freedom to declare that you do NOT promote him[ Warren], and that alone may help others who may not comprehend the larger issues.

So, don't leave...but respectfully submit your insights that may disagree with others. The leadership here will allow that, and actually often promotes that....and as you said..this is the 3rd or 4th or 5th Warren thread, I'm sure..which proves my point.

Thank-you for your uncompromising heart for a pure gospel as reflected in this post of disagreement. Many can learn as we discuss these issues...and express themselves also. Not a lot of sites allow this, or have descended into chaos or dogmaticism. BT

 2011/6/26 11:56

 Re: Warren's attraction.

Thank you Tom. This post was from almost a month ago. I haven't left because as it turns out - this thread was only a News Item, to my understanding. The only reason it's up again is because someone bumped these three old Warren threads early this morning. I watched as it was being done but I figured, it would blow over & away again - Bless GOD!

His Blessings on all that Love Him.

 2011/6/26 13:19

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