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 Rick Warren Addresses Critics on Doctrine, Purpose Driven Life

John Piper, an influential Reformed theologian, took the unusual step of interviewing famed pastor Rick Warren and giving him a chance to address the countless criticisms he has received since the publication of The Purpose Driven Life.

Piper, well aware of Warren's critics, distanced himself from them.
"Frankly, I'm appalled at the kinds of slander that have been brought against this book by people whose methods of critique, if they were consistently applied to the Bible, would undo it as the Word of God," Piper said, referring to the 2002 book The Purpose Driven Life. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2011/5/28 14:09Profile

 Re: Rick Warren Addresses Critics on Doctrine, Purpose Driven Life

It's a tormenting and cruel road when you start comparing yourself with others.

"I think here he just puts me to shame with his aggressively, in-your-life, transformative discipling of his church,” Piper said.

We are not in competition with each other.

 2011/5/28 14:20

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A777, I think that was Piper's roundabout way of giving Warren a compliment.


 2011/5/28 14:25Profile


Oh, ok. I did not interpret it that way. Because below that he says that he took a break because of pride and other issues that caused people a lot of "stress". So, I thought when you compare yourselves with others that is usually pride at work.

Well, thanks for the explanation. You're probably right.

 2011/5/28 14:35

 Re: Rick Warren Addresses Critics on Doctrine, Purpose Driven Life

Are we to follow Warren now and his connections to Tony Blair's Faith Initiative and to the Council of Foreign Relations [a globalist think tank] and to Davos [where the world's economic system is being hammered out] and to the U.N. where Warren is well accepted in the Inter-Faith System going on there and into Warren's Dominionist views - just to name a few of his inter-faith-globalists agendas and memberships?

Will Piper be the Pied Piper to lead us down that Dominionist Globalist Inter-Faith path by endorsing Warren?

David Wilkerson praised Dr. Noah Hutchings for writing against Warren.

Who and what are we endorsing here? Unity at any cost?

My 'sign-on' [Proclamation - "Jesus-is-GOD"] means Life and The Truth to me. I do not want that Proclamation of His Name connected to or found anywhere that promotes this political-globalist, double-speaking hypocrite and liar Rick Warren or anyone like him - such as Brian McLaren.
If Warren, is being promoted here [this is the 4th thread on this Piper/Warren interview] - I will ask to be removed from membership. I will not have His Name that I use on other Christian Sites, linked to any Site that over-looks this one-world-religion and government that Warren is helping to bring in through his associations, speeches and ties, as a simple SI-Search will turn up years worth of Exposing Threads on this man's words and involvements.

The line in the sand concerning compromise must be drawn at some point. Endorsing Warren is that point - which I know is no surprise to those who have posted this thread topic multiple times now.

 2011/5/28 23:07

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hi, Jesus is God.would you also have your name removed from the Lambs book of life?

 2011/5/29 2:43Profile

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"so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect."


If we can't see through guys like Warren, good luck with the one who's coming.

 2011/5/29 2:58Profile

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hi, if you follow Jesus,who has nail prints, you will not follow one without them and all the other evidences. i was friends with len ravenhill but did not follow him or agree in all things with him. i knew many other men who even had a greater annointing and did not follow them. there are none good,no not one.i have decided to follow Jesus and Him alone.jimp

 2011/5/29 3:29Profile


A777, I think that was Piper's roundabout way of giving Warren a compliment.

Piper is being sucked in. People I thought I could trust....
I find I can't trust. Why does God have to take everything and everyone away.

 2011/6/26 3:41

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deleted post

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