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 Free E-Books -

Would like to consolidate one thread just for Free E-Books for those of us who would like to fill our computers with Good things to read when offline or to share with others.
Normally E-Books get posted here and there and scattered about the Forum over time and we haven't any way to find them all.

Here's just one site that has a number of books -

Will try to find the others that have been posted previously.

Please feel free to share any that you've found as well.

 2011/5/28 13:34

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 Re: Free E-Books -

Great Ideas Jesus-is-GOD

Here are some I have found: (not all links work on this one, but still some good ones).



 2011/5/28 14:22Profile


Wow. Thank you Brother Sam.

I realize that even in the link that I gave, that some authors may not be necessarily recommended, but there is GOOD among all of these offered.
I see one of my favorites, A.B. Simpson is on one of your links as well. :)

Thank you!

I can't forget to list -- though most everyone knows of it - it's priceless, without question.


 2011/5/28 15:21

 Re: Free E-Books -

Stock up!

If the internet ever goes down, we'll have Plenty to read. :)

 2011/5/29 0:19

 Re: Free E-Books -

Reuben Archer Torrey

 2011/5/29 0:21

 Re: Free E-Books -

this is a great thread. thank you for posting this.

 2011/6/7 0:45

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This list came out just today and I don't know how long it will be around. makes probably the finest eBooks around.

 2011/6/7 10:01Profile

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United States


Oh sister there are soooooo many! :)

One barely has to buy books any more it seems! Except if they want a hard back of course. has many many many many books. I go there often to look up books or even topics.

Madame Guyon - Audio and other

Amy Carmichael

Eusebius History of the Christian Church - Audio

Hudson Taylor

Just to name a few!



 2011/6/7 10:11Profile

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 Re: Free E-Books -

You make me happy by posting this sister…SO HAPPY!!
On the other hand…. I will have a hard time choosing what to read...
But honestly, I am thankful for the sites with free E-books that are building up my faith.
In my country I cannot find that many books available in English. And I found out translations are not always that good.
In His Peace,

 2011/6/9 8:54Profile

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North Central Florida


I LOVE this thread! Where can I purchase some more time? I have need of an extra day or two a week for reading. :-)

I would like to have these on tape so I could listen while I do dishes or cook. Maybe I will make tapes for myself, here I go needing that extra time to do this. God will provide what my soul needs, I will wait on Him.

Kindest regards,
white stone


 2011/6/9 10:29Profile

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