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 God's Purpose Not Dependent on Circumstances - Sparks

May 28 "Open Windows" by T. Austin Sparks


The Father alone has the authority to set those dates and times, and they are not for you to know. (Acts 1:7 NLT)

We are apt to think that if and when the circumstances and conditions of our lives are changed and we are in another position than the one we now occupy, then something will happen, the purpose of God will begin to be fulfilled. The Lord would say, "No; it is not circumstances, not conditions, at all; it is you." Some think that it is a matter of graduation and ordination and office, and that when they get into an official position, and have recognition there, then they will begin to fulfill the purpose of their lives. So they are waiting until they are either ordained or appointed to their work. The Lord says, "No, it is not office, it is not ordination, it is not placing; it is you; you are the key."

And alongside that, many are looking to the organization, the society, the mission, the church connection to which they are related, and expecting a new day for themselves to originate there, and that when the institution, whatever it may be, takes action, then the work of their life will begin. And the Lord says, "It is not the church, the mission, the organization, the society, the institution; it is you." These men in Acts 1 were waiting for something to happen outside of themselves. They called it the restoring of the kingdom, the setting up of an order which would be a national - perhaps an international - movement: a new order outside of themselves in which they would find their place and probably be allocated, appointed or ordained to it. And the Lord simply swept the board of all those ideas and said, "No, it is not that, it is you." That is how it proved, how it worked out. We individually may be the key to everything in the purpose of God.

By T. Austin-Sparks from: "But Ye..."


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 Re: God's Purpose Not Dependent on Circumstances - Sparks

Amen. Good word!

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Gods purpose is not in what man does, whether he sins or does not sin. God's purpose is in Christ and His Christ in us. From the very beginning God did not purpose man to live body and soul alone, that is why the Tree of Life, Jesus Christ was already in the Garden. The first two humans chose for themselves and all mankind the Spirit of the liar, satan and sin, because they believed in him instead of God and His Christ the Tree of Life. Now after aprox 7000 years God 2000 years ago provided the only way back to God we can have. By His Grace and great love He has for His birthed children, not just created lumps of clay, but birthed anew with the Spirit of the Person of Christ in us as our intended life in Him before the foundation of the world. We are back.

He is our Father and His Son is our brother and Lord and Savior and our God also, by the Holy Spirit making us of God our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption which God has made it so to His born again children who can now see and hear the things of the kingdom of God. Now we can be what God intended His creation to be, son's of God and heirs with Jesus Christ. No more unto self but unto the Spirit of Christ that is in us by the cross and our crucifixion with Christ and His resurection and return in the flesh of each of the Body of Christ His Church, His bride, that we are married to the Son and become sons of our Father by blood and spirit, and the bread of His flesh and drink of His blood. "This do in remembrance of Me".

In Christ: Phillip


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