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The gospel IS simple. No doubt. But even Peter commented in scripture that some of the things that Paul was preaching was hard to understand.

The milk of the gospel is very simple to digest... for new babes in Christ. But the meat of scripture is deep, so deep in fact that if you lived as long as 969 years you would never be able to understand it all.

No we do not need a PhD in order to be saved. But if you want to go deep and yet deeper still it takes time and study.

One of the best teachings I have ever heard on Calvinism was by Pastor R.W. "Bob" Glen. It's called "TULIP"... it's a serious on the Doctrines of Grace. Just do a google search on Bob. I've met him. Great guy... just turned 40 years old but a theological powerhouse.


 2011/5/27 16:50


Hi Bible4life and Krispy,

I hear what you are saying --

What calvinists do believe is that through the preaching of the gospel and the word that God uses their evangelizing to regenerate souls on the hearing of that gospel.

but leading Calvinists who write books about what Calvinism is, differ with what you are saying. This just creates confusion.

William Shedd in his 2nd volume on Theology counsels sinners not to "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved", but to pray for regeneration. (p. 524-528)

So what is the purpose of the Gospel?

W.E Best says this:

"The gospel makes disciples, but it does not make children of God". (Life to Light, p 155-6)

"The word of the gospel is to effect conversion and practical sanctification, NOT regeneration." (Regeneration, p 109)

Rom 12:3 For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as GOD HATH DEALT TO EVERY MAN THE MEASURE OF FAITH.

So, in the verse above, does this faith only come alive and is active and ready to be used, once a man is regenerated and not before? If so, why wouldn't God just give this measure of faith to the elect and not ALL men? The men that He gave a measure of faith too, that will turn out to be non-elect, is God just playing with them, taunting them? Giving them something that He will not recognize if they use it? And if they are not going to use this faith that was given to them, why did God give it to them?

See what I mean? Calvinism creates more questions in my mind than it answers. And I am not taunting, please believe me. I am trying to back up my confusion with statements and quotes from Calvinists that actually do confuse me. How in the world are you not confused??? Either I am completely stupid or maybe according to Calvinists, not part of the elect so I won't be able to understand it anyway.


 2011/5/27 16:55


Yet another Calvinist to check out.

Ok, fair enough, I will look up Pastor R.W. "Bob" Glen, to see if he can answer my questions.


 2011/5/27 16:59



Can you give me a link on his explanation and exposition of Calvinism. I only find topical sermons on different subjects.

By the way, how would he differ from historical Calvinists and even contemporary ones? I have read many of them. How is he going to "pull it all together" for me? A link would be helpful.


 2011/5/27 17:22


Excellant answer Solomon101. Good interpreting.

 2011/5/27 18:05


Hmm. Good answer BenK. If I understand you correctly...

 2011/5/27 18:07


Anonymous777 you pose some dizzying questions. I almost get seasick thinking about all this. Clearly this subject is inexhaustible and shall never be resolved to real satisfaction. Why did God leave it thus?

 2011/5/27 18:13


I don't think God left it thus.

I think man confused it thus.


I'm dizzy, too.

 2011/5/27 18:18


This whole topic used to make my head hurt, and depending on who I listen to... it still does sometimes. This is why we MUST make sure that the BIBLE is our source and the Holy Spirit our teacher. Yes, we can and should learn from men who are experienced in handling the Word of God properly, but at the end of the day the Bible must interpret the Bible.

As for Bob Glenn... I have the series on CD. Bought it at a Psalm 119 Conference back in March. I will see if I can find the link on his website. Check back tomorrow, ok brother?

Also... salvation is NOT based on what we believe concerning Calvinism vs. Arminianism... or what version of the Bible we read (tho I favor the KJV as everyone knows). So be sure not to "think yourself" into confusion on this. The Holy Spirit reveals truth to us, and He does so at His own timing and for His own purposes.


 2011/5/27 19:40


Thanks and don't worry, I won't think myself into confusion.


 2011/5/27 19:42

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