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What exactly is your point?

Yes,please would you be a little more clearer. What exactly is your point???
Are you saying that perhaps we need to neglect the important business of watching T.V. and actually get on our knees to intercede for these people??? Are you saying that believers every where are the body of Christ??? Are you saying that when a member suffers all members do suffer along with him or her??? Just what exactly is the point you are making, brother??? Please speak up.


 2011/5/24 15:59Profile


Paul appealed to Rome. Was Rome any better than the U.S.? No.

Prayer is Always First but it's because Christians kept quiet for so long about issues on so many fronts, we don't have a voice anymore. Makes me sick. They were too busy watching TV and supporting the Main Stream News broadcasts and don't know truth from fiction anymore. Ignorance rules the day - so that's why we don't speak up - because we didn't when we could have in times past - only within the last 3 decades has the church become a useless mouth-piece - infiltrated by those 'christian leaders' who are in bed with the government instead of leading the campaign against cruelty both in our own country and in others and most are following these hirelings as well as promoting them.
Because we've done so little "caring about others" for the past 30 yrs or so - that's why we have no voice in the world anymore.

Why is our military in so many other nations? Why didn't Christians stop buying things made in China and why did Christians have their items that are sold in Christian Bookstores made in China? And why do we keep buying these things if China has always been in the lead against their own people? Why did the U.S. become, literally, so far in debt to China because of loans from them? That's just one nation and Christians - except for the few good orgs - have said - "We can't do anything about it."

America will get from Him, at His Return, double of what it allowed and to the degree that we didn't care - the last so many verses of Matthew 25 will be what we'll have to deal with.

Nonsense that we hear from politicians world-wide that we'll never see another holocaust. Absolute nonsense. What is being done to Christians world-wide is not a holocaust?
It sure is and we should have spoken up decades ago and boycotted and have done any other nonviolent action that we could have taken all along.

Sure, just supporting VOM should have made it a strong enough voice world-wide. Ah but, not to fear, Rick Warren will fix the world with his P.E.A.C.E. plan.
LORD have mercy!
Wait till persecution comes to us - Fat and sassy & spoiled 'church' - the lukewarm gets vomited out of His mouth, He said. Even so, Come LORD Jesus and turn this world on it's head - with judgment beginning with Your Own house Oh LORD and make straight Your Way as You shake this evil filthy murderous world and take Your martyrs and faithful Saints Home, safely to under Your Throne - in Jesus' Name - we Thank You that You are a Just GOD and much more than fully Trust Worthy to Care for Your Saints, Amen.

 2011/5/24 16:27

 Re: Untobabes

Dear sister you have clearly and quite elequently made my point. And yes to all of your questions.

 2011/5/24 16:47

 Re: Jesus-is-God

Dear sister your frustration is noted. Believe me I share it. It Is easier for me to get intercessors to pray for Israel than for Eritrea. This morning I was asked to facilitate a call praying for B..B. Natanyaho. There were 15 intercessors on that line. If that had been a call for Eritrea it would be a miracle to have one or two others on that line. Do not gwt me wrong. We need to pray for Israel. But all to often the persecuted are ignored or pushed to the background. Very little prayer is raised for those who spill their blood for Christ. I do not exagerate when I say Israel gets morw prayer than the persecuted. Thus I feel compelled to raise my voice and remind the saints there is a siffering church. My sister jeep praying and crying put and letting the world know there is a persecited church. Hopefully after this post no one will look at a shippong container in the same way.

 2011/5/24 17:09


Dear Brother, I definitely understand, with all of my heart and soul. I can't understand why, but I certainly have seen the same response on threads and websites all over the net.
I can't put it into words - but I see it everywhere as well.
I was just thinking about Richard Wurmbrand while looking through the book shelf. He went through almost everything that we could ever imagine and I doubt that many of those who preach doctrines of demons could ever come through what he came through and with a constant smile of love on his face, until the day he was received up into Glory. Yup, that's exactly what I thought about while looking at all the books he wrote. He said he wrote them for us, because he said, the same persecution is coming here.
That's where the rubber meets the road and we all get to eat our posts.
Now isn't that the truth?

Thank you Brother and Bless those who are able to join you!

 2011/5/24 18:41


Amen my sister. Few can hold a candle to Richard Wormbrandt. It was said that when one came into his presence you found yourself weeping because you saw Jesus in him. The only other person that was said of was Mother Theresa. It's so ironic that people like HardCamping get all the attention but Brother Wormbrandt is over looked. Wonder if anyone on this forum knows who we are talking about? I have heard it said that one hour in the presence of someone who has been persecuted will expose a life time of our shallow faith. If I net those precious saints on the shipping containers of Eritrea I would not be worthy to stand in their presence. Truly the aroma of the sweet presence of Jesus does ascend from those shipping containers in Eritrea tonight. God be praised.

 2011/5/24 20:23

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