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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Harold Camping says May 21, 2011 was ‘invisible judgment day,’ world will end October 21, 2011

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 Re: Crazy like a fox; and rich.....with a lot of power.

The thing I think about that astounds me, are his followers that take these convoluted excuses and extravaganza's as the gospel. Who is really the crazier? The one who proclaims this dribble, or the one who believes it?

Yes, BrotherTom. One is the fox, the others are the "swine returns to wallow in the mire and the dog returns to his vomit". A fool always returns to his folly. A fool refuses to learn. These people know this heretic's history of false prophecy/teaching yet they continue foolishly to follow him. No way will i feel sorry for them.

 2011/5/24 20:19

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