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 A is not for anarchy

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” -King Solomon

I saw one of those 'A's painted on a wall today.

I decided that: A is not for anarchy. Or atheist.

A is for awesome really.

Whenever you see that A painted on a wall somewhere, you can think that to yourself also.

When an anarchist sees a blank patch of wall and no human observers around, he sees an opportunity for a little rebellion in paint, a little rage against the machine via a spray paint can.

But when you look at his work, you can think about God, if you believe in Him.

The attitude of our hearts can change the way we see things, even drastically. It’s up to us to interpret the meaning of what we see. Or to give it a higher, more beautifull meaning. In a world as ugly as ours can be, it's sometimes nescessary.

And God is Awesome after all. Not the cheap kind of ‘awesome’ that precedes a human ’dude’, but jaw dropping awesome, the kind that could leave you shaking by what you’ve seen.

“A” can remind you that God is awesome. And it can remind you too how absurd we can be in ’fighting against the system’, or even fighting… against God.

We can, however, with the right attitude, use it for an opportunity to give God glory and praise.

EDIT: I mean to put this in the devotionals, but put it here by mistake. My appologies.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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 Re: A is not for anarchy

God is awesome. Breathtakingly so. Sometimes, I wonder how we can even breathe, let alone be the way we are, when we think about Him.

Good post about a great God.

God bless.

 2011/5/23 1:41Profile

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