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 Re: Train Up A Child...

It is also good to remember that there can be a lot time for a lot of foolishness between young and OLD. In some cases the parents might not even live to live long enough to see their children be old.

Manasseh is a good example of a very bad youth that turned to God in old age.

Old Joe

 2011/5/22 16:16

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I probably won't be around much this week but I wanted to thank you for all you've commented. I generally agree with what you've all said, although I would rather question my interpretation of the verse rather than what it says. I believe God has preserved His words in this case also. I don't mean to go off on a tangent here, however. Also, personal testimonies do go a long way, by the way, so thanks for sharing them!

Forgive my briefness here; I'm just pressed for time.

In the mean while, God be with you all!


 2011/5/23 8:09Profile

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