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Wayne Mitchell wrote

When a leader of a nation and its people rebel long enough against God, especially when they know His laws, God eventually allows that nation to be greatly oppressed or invaded and or uprooted by its enemies. In the case of the US it has never had a leader so intent on the support for the right to murder the preborn infant, or for those who pervert marriage, or to some extent for those that hate Israel. And the majority put him in office. But so many of the things he believes are taught in the schools of the US. And he has learned other unsavory beliefs in his church. God's list of the wickedness of this nation is long, as related to the christian prophet, and the current leader is grieving Him. The president IS our brother in the Lord, and we must be praying for him daily and often. Who knows if our prayers will change him and our nation and turn the Lord from bringing on this nation the calamities He's revealed through His prophets? When Israel rebelled long enough they were attacked by their enemy and uprooted in 587/86. But when they returned to a land in peace in 537 they had returned in their heart back to the Lord and the original godly intention of their nation. God has already taken off His safety net of protection He has had on this nation, because of its wickedness, and is about to discipline the US to bring it back to it's original godly intention, as well as the nations. We have to keep our eyes on the Lord Jesus and be interceeding in prayer and doing His will. Good things are coming to the believer in Christ whose foundation is the Lord God Almighty. But the woes coming to those in rebellion against Him are very great. He is not willing that any should perish, but that all come to repentance.

 2011/5/23 13:08

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Thanks Enochh. Good word. As far as I am concerned he has removed all doubt. We are only looking at facts.

We are looking at reversing what was a miraculous demonstration of God's power in the 6 Day War. He ought to be reminding everybody how mightily God stood up and ROARED against the enemies of Israel!! Warning them to leave them alone.

But, that is just my view from here.



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