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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Obama says Palestine must be based in 1967 borders

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 Re: Obama says Palestine must be based in 1967 borders

#### him. aint gonna happen. and this JFK Democrat is voting Republican in 2012 even if they put some of the more whacky candidates up. i dont care.

politically, ALL I really care about is Israel anyway.

i LIVE in Diaspora, i LIVE in babylon......i'm not home, i ALWAYS knew someday America was going to sell us down the river......i'm so furious right now, writing anything more would just unhelpful.

 2011/5/19 18:57


Enocch, you're wrong, Obama is a puppet, this is about what the american military industrial dictatorship WANTS. Barry wouldnt make a move like this unless he had the pentagon behind him.

Oil is 100+ a barrel, Americans are paying $4 a gallon gas, what do you thinks happening? This military/industrial/banking dictatorship that runs the country NEEDS that oil, so they throw the arab's a bone, and that is Israel.

who was it that wouldnt let the Israeli Defense Forces terminate the Iranian nuclear program in 06/07 when they wanted to?

american military under the leadership of Cheney and Dubya.

...and you think Barry Obama is some crazed left wing muslim hippy? thats insane. Barry is so oliogarchial establishment it reeks out his pores, Editor in Chief of the HARVARD LAW REVIEW?!?....and then when he gets that, he appoints to the masthead editorial board THREE dick nixon wannabe republican federalists...and you believe thats the actions of a muslim left wing glass breaker?

its the actions of yet another overachieving poor boy kissing the rings of the american imperialist oliogarchs, who I KNEW, would someday sell Israel down the river.

but if any you of all want to drink the republican kool aid and play like their friends of Israel, go for it. its a lie, american power elite, the american military are NO FRIENDS of Israel, and its THEY who call the shots. It was they and their intelligence apparatus that was behind this so-called "Arab Spring".....

you know, if this country thinks that its 702 BC, or 586 BC again, they have another thing coming, dont look now, but its Jews with nukes, buy your bomb shelters NOW.

 2011/5/19 19:39

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got my shelter Nathan. and a whole lot of food and water.


 2011/5/19 19:46Profile

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Sorry I may be in different theological circles, but why is this such a big deal? The kingdom of God is not a national kingdom, it is a spiritual kingdom, the church, which inherits the whole world, not just a country in the middle east.

Taylor Otwell

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Hi Taylor,

Many of the prophecies regarding Israel and the Jews in both the New and Old Testaments are in regard to the physical nation of Israel.

This includes the promise that God would regather the nation -- like an army from a valley of dry bones. Romans is filled with explanations about God's unbroken covenant with the people of Israel -- regardless of whether they were in the middle of a diaspora or regathered to the geographic land of promise.

I believe that God's covenant is still in place, even though gentiles have also been grafted into the Vine of Christ.


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Just how are Christians to pray in light of bible prophecy?

I mean Jesus rebuked Peter as being used by Satan in trying to stop Jesus from going to the cross when this was fulfilling the scriptures. Jesus had to die on the cross for our sins.

When I read of things that must be fulfilled according to the scriptures before Christ returns for the church then I need wisdom in how I should be praying. I believe our 1st priority is to pray for all men to come to the knowledge of the truth because God does not want any to perish. We know that the elect of God will not be deceived. I also must realize that there are terrible things that is going to happen to this world for rejecting Christ and that includes the nation of Israel before the true Israel of God admires the coming of the true Messiah our Lord Jesus Christ.

I mean we should be praying most of all and not complaining. We also need wisdom from God on how to pray in the times we are living in and we definitely should not be praying against bible prophecy but needing wisdom on how to pray in light of bible prophecy.

Just some thoughts I have had and maybe someone could share some light also.

Blessings to all!

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 Re: Taylor

Sorry I may be in different theological circles, but why is this such a big deal? The kingdom of God is not a national kingdom, it is a spiritual kingdom, the church, which inherits the whole world, not just a country in the middle east.

if you dont know why this is "such a big deal", ponder the millions of Jews that died at the hands of crusaders, who were impelled by that whore of rome, the "catholic church", or the millions murdered by russian cossacks, bearing the banner of that other false "church"..."russian orthodox", or the millions of Jews slaughtered by hitler's hellions, who were given "spiritual covering" by the later writings of martin luther, and the "lutheran church" in germany, as well as that haunt of demons, the "vatican" and satan's co-laborer, the "pope", ALL kissed hitler's ring.

and in 1948, God was absolutely behind the creation of the modern State of Israel, and is today. After 63 years, Israel has prevailed over overwhelming odds, vastly outnumbered by arab hordes, bent on their destruction, and yet i continue to hear of "replacement theology" or how Israel is "just a country in the middle east".

ignore the Root, ingrafted Vine, to your peril.

and one wonders why, the little "c", church has failed God, by engaging in driving Jews AWAY from the Love of Messiah Jesus....the little "c" church has for centuries, labored overtime in killing Jews....believe me, we know the sordid history of your "forefathers", INCLUDING martin luther, who penned the document, "On Jews and Their Lies".

and on That Day, many...many, will say "Lord, Lord", and He will say, "I never knew you."

 2011/5/20 8:35

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Neil: from your last few post to this thread I know you are dealing with a lot of hurt and maybe even a feeling of betrayal(?) because of the stand the president has taken in this situation. I just wanted you to know that I will be praying for you, be encouraged JESUS still reigns! Nothing takes God by surprise. I know you are hurting for the people of Israel and have a deep love for them.

rbanks: I too find myself struggling with how best to pray given the current environment of world happenings. I do not pretend to understand how all of the end times will play out but I do trust God is in control of this so I am just praying for HIS will to be done.

God Bless you all

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Be it too close to home/hurt or not for what we might think Neil is facing, I agree with everything he's said regarding Israel.

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South Africa


by ccchhhrrriiisss

Perhaps this announcement for the support of Palestinian control of that land (including part of the city of Jerusalem -- the area that holds the Temple Mount)

This is madness,no way this would happen!!!


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