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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Preacher claiming Rapture May 21 'holds on to his stuff'

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 Preacher claiming Rapture May 21 'holds on to his stuff'

Does the Judgment Day of God begin this Saturday, May 21, with Jesus Christ returning to Earth to "rapture" his true believers away to heaven?

A Christian broadcaster says "the Bible guarantees it," but so far he's given no indication he's getting rid of his earthly possessions including his radio network, as other Christians label him a false prophet with a dangerous teaching.

Harold Camping, 89, of Oakland, Calif.-based Family Radio is standing firm in his claim that mankind has run out of time and the Creator of the universe is arriving this Saturday, with earthquakes around the globe heralding the event. ...

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 Re: Preacher claiming Rapture May 21 'holds on to his stuff'

He tried this before. I don't know why the radio network keeps him in charge. Maybe he owns the majority stock. Don't know. Sad.


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