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Discussion Forum : General Topics : much? how often? or non at all??

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Joined: 2006/7/31
Posts: 3057 much? how often? or non at all??

Having a hard time justify watching/reading news any longer. Its all so filled with gossip and ugliness. Most articles are slanted one way or another to incite an emotional response, and sadly it seems most of the time that response is either anger or hatred. Perhaps not knowing and trusting in the Lord is better then this twenty four hour-seven days a week non stop news. At some point it all begins to feel like overload to me. Anyone else struggle with this?

God Bless

edit: little disclaimer the above written was pertaining to myself and not meant to be taken as a slam to those who have no issues watching/reading the news...thank you and have a great day

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 Re: much? how often? or non at all??

You need to go with your conscience on this. If it is irritating you too much I would turn it all off and spend that time doing something else that is constructive. The only consequence of it is missing out of what things are happening in the nation and the world unless you can find a media outlet that you can trust.

You will most likely find slanted news in christian media as well. It just depends upon how touchy you with the ugliness. Do what your heart tells you to do even if everyone around you isn't.


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 Re: much? how often? or non at all??

Frankly, I love reading the news. And when I feel I haven't read the news for a while, it gets to me. :)

However most secular news I do not always enjoy. I receive Washington Post in my email, just so that I can see the headlines. Some times I'll go over Yahoo News and such too. Lately I've been reading a lot on International Christian Concern. Most of what Greg posts on here too, I like to read. I am not sure if we can read the news too much if we do it with a desire to serve, to pray, to learn.


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I have the same problems with this.

The secular news is so full of rubbish. And only bad news. I switched my television off years ago and never looked back. I think I might watch some football a few times a year and that's it.

I've never missed it.

I rarely listen to commericial radio also. So full of evolutionary, christian-slamming, gossipy rubbish.

Newspapers also. Rubbish.

Even most online sources are full of rubbish. Gossipy, astrology, christian-hating, non-news.

Ask yourself, what will change in your life if you give it up? Would it really have an effect on you?

There's plenty of sources for information for which we would do well to pray about in the world. Good solid Christian sources that spend their time "world-watching" as it were.

The only secular news site I could even think about recommending would be Certainly not CNN, NBC, FOX, ABC or even BBC. These are just plain rubbish.

I think Paul puts it best in Philippians 4:8... Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Dwell on the good stuff mate. You can do without this rubbish.

Nuff said.

Nick van der Net

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IMO, the news is becoming a public menace, very ungodly, and an extremely unfruitful tool that we have in America. At least the way n manner it is conveyed

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