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 Newsweek Slams 'Theological Bully' Franklin Graham

Newsweek religion editor Lisa Miller wrote a story on "The Fight Over Billy Graham's Legacy," but the most notable thing that comes out of it is Miller's loathing of Rev. Franklin Graham (no relation). Miller clearly believes he's mangling his father's moderation, especially when it comes to Islam:

Franklin — who’s been accused of being a rhetorical and theological bully, saying, for example, that Islam is “wicked and evil”— agrees with the assessment that he is less gentle than his dad. “We preach the same Gospel,” Franklin says, but “Daddy hates to say no. I can say no.” Franklin adds that he is much more engaged in the day-to-day management of the BGEA than his father ever was, and through the efforts of his humanitarian organization Samaritan’s Purse has much more experience on the front lines of global conflicts, such as those in Rwanda and the Middle East. This perspective, he argues, ...

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 Re: Newsweek Slams 'Theological Bully' Franklin Graham

Why does it say in parenthesis next to Franklin Graham, no relation? Franklin Graham is indeed Billy Graham's SON.

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Why does it say in parenthesis next to Franklin Graham, no relation? Franklin Graham is indeed Billy Graham's SON.

I read the article plus the lead post here.

I checked out the article and it was written by Tim Graham. As it is written I would understand this phrase to mean the author is not related to Billy Graham's family.

My understanding....

Sandra Miller

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Praise God for Franklin. He is preaching just as the Lord wants in this day. It is not a time to have a watered down gospel. Billy Graham preached as the Lord led him in the day he was preaching. The power of God was on them both.

Billy Graham had even non believers giving him honor. But today with the darkness growing darker and darker the light is stronger it is no wonder people are going to throw stones in many forms. The light shines on their darkness and they dont like it.

It is an exciting day to live in as we are going to see God be God like never before I believe. I just want to stay so close to Him in every area of my life. I want to see Jesus high and lifted up. I want to lift Him up everywhere I go. I want to be found praying, worshiping and sharing God's Salvation. By Your love and grace I, we can do this. All glory to You our Precious Lord for You are worthy. Amen!

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