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Ah, yes, Stephen Hawking is still on his bitter rampage against God. Still at it after all these decades. And why, you ask? Well i think i know why. I think Stephen is like almost all Atheists; atheists are angry at God. I know I was back when i made a short stint in atheism. I was terribly angry at God for what happened in my childhood. I determined that God had abandoned me. So what did I do in order to deal with that anger and "punch" the God who hurt me? I couldn't reach Him so i simply denied He existed instead.

I suspect that Stephen Hawking is angry at God because of his physical disease which has left him confined to a wheelchair and breathing/speaking apparatus all his life. If that wouldn't make someone angry at God what would?? What more reason could one need to be angry and frustrated? And the only way to get back at an untouchable God is to deny His existence.

 2011/5/18 10:22

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